South West U3A Region


If you are interested in talks online, there are some posted on the speaker database page.

Zoom Meeting

This image shows Val Warren, Frances Berry ,Jane Flynn, Sue Parker, Jill Nicholls and Marion Clements ( from left to right from top to bottom) having a zoom meeting, Jill ( Regional Trustee) has called us SWAG ( South West Action Group) and we are helping her to keep connected with U3As, to support them and to give them the latest National office news.

How to get replacement committee members by Lynn Moore, Chair of Brixham U3A
‘The time has come,’ the Chairman said,
‘To talk of many things:
Of trusteeships – and Treasurers
Of committees – and AGM’s –
And why the tea is boiling hot –
And whether seats have wings.’

‘But wait a bit,’ the Members cried,
‘Before we have our chat;
For some of us are out all day,
And all of us are busy!’
‘We worry!’ said the Secretary
There isn’t time for that.

‘A Treasurer,’ the Chairman said,
‘Is what we chiefly need:
Chair and Secretary besides.
Time is short indeed –
Now, if you’re ready, Members dear,
We need you to take heed. ’

‘The AGM is looming,’ the Chairman said,
‘And all of you are nice:
Committee roles are vacant
Need we ask you thrice? –
So volunteer, for end of year,
Or ask for our advice. ’

Lynn Moore

From Tuesday 28th January, acting on the advice of Environmental Health, National Office will be closed until further notice.
Staff will mostly be working from home, but there will be a limited facility for answering calls.
Please be patient and pass this information on to your U3As.
I will be in touch as soon as the situation changes.

Jill Nicholls
South West trustee

U3A Finance Workshop see link to notes.
You will see that at item 27, there is a request for consideration at National level of alternatives to Charitable status, in the interests of reducing the workload of treasurers and group leaders.