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Worth Every Penny!!

As we gradually emerge from lock- down, I have been thinking about some of the small things that I have discovered, which I would normally have overlooked.
One of them has been the humble u3a diary! June
Who would have thought that this little item would contains so many useful (?) facts and hidden gems?
Of course it contains the usual Tube map that is too small to read, seasonal dates and celebrations, but in normal circumstances, who would have given the many conversion tables a second glance!
So much information, from Roman numerals to wind chill factors and anniversaries that you have overlooked or forgotten!
I have been starting each new week with anticipation because all the things I have already mentioned pale into insignificance when you begin the read the daily facts.
For example, did you know that on 23rd of January this year, ‘Chinese researchers had cloned two monkeys using the same technology as used in 2018 for 'Dolly the Sheep', Amazing.
Apparently, on 5th February 1924 the BBC time signals ‘pips’ were first broadcast from Greenwich!
And finally, on 1st March 1912, Captain Albert Berry performed the 1st (successful) parachute jump from an aeroplane!
All of these fascinating facts laying undetected. These diaries are invaluable for the quizzers and a resource for all u3a members with spare grey matter to fill.
If you have one, have a look every day and enjoy the facts. If you haven’t, think about what you are missing and add it to your bucket list for 2022!

June Brown

Please have a look at 2020: Politics and Coronavirus (in limericks!) from a member of Honiton u3a.

Honiton u3a Strollers Group
Six members of the Honiton U3A Strollers Group met in August at Escot Park and were delighted to find the perfect spot, known as The Meeting Place, for a 'Socially Distanced' rest. (Photograph taken by fellow Stroller, Janet Powell who is also a member of the Photography Group and always has a camera to hand to record such moments!)

Honiton u3a were delighted to be represented by FOUR of its members in the February 2021 edition of TAM Magazine:

Howard Lyne

In ‘Sources’ Howard Lyne was interviewed under the title – ‘Forecaster puts on a welcome warm front’.

Steve Down

In ‘Lifestyle’ Steve Down talks about his lifelong passion for Amateur Radio.

Malcolm Lee

In ‘News Feature’ musician Malcolm Lee comments on his surprise at finding a TAM magazine feature on Prog Rock!

Again in ‘Sources’ Alison Sharples writes of her delight in discovering a Woodland Trust livestreaming webcam which gave her the opportunity to follow an Osprey family at Loch Arkaig during lockdown.

Exmouth and District u3a member writes, sings and records her own song "The Hills of Devon" during Lockdown. Please take a look and listen to the song via the YouTube link within the article. Also note that any donations for Deirdre’s song will go to the RNLI Lifeboat station in Exmouth. Exmouth Lifeboat