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COVID-19 Latest Information

Coronavirus Guidelines for members

The current Coronavirus regulations impose few formal restrictions on our activities. However the guidance remains that we should be careful, particularly when meeting in enclosed space indoors, maintain good ventilation and wear face masks where appropriate.

There is no formal requirement for people to be vaccinated although it is strongly recommended and encouraged.
South Lakes u3a in line with National u3a policy will not be imposing any additional restrictions on our activities.

Venues may also impose their own regulations and we must always abide by them.

However the Committee will support individual Groups if they wish to ask members to assure them that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in line with the government guidance of the moment before they participate in events held indoors or wish to insist on the wearing of face masks throughout the event.

Group coordinators will provide any member or potential member with the guidelines that they are operating which will be applied without discrimination to all members of their groups.

We will of course continue to follow whatever regulations the Government may bring in over the coming months and remember that you should not attend any events if:

You have Covid symptoms or are feeling unwell
You have tested positive for Coronavirus
You are required to self isolate

Please also be aware that we all have a duty of care to fellow members of our organisation. Whatever choices you as individual members have made, it is only fair that you should make your fellow members aware of those before going to an event in a member’s home or offering or accepting a car sharing arrangement so as to allow those members to make decisions of their own.

David Little
Chairman November 21