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The planned introductory meetings will not take place. A rethink is in progress. Rather than two large groups, there will be one smaller group.


The July Newsletter is now available in the Members Area.


I’m delighted to write to you as your new Chair. As I write it is a beautiful Lakeland Summer day, at last, and I hope each of you will still be enjoying sunshine when you
read this.

Although I am a new Chair, I have been a member of several U3A groups over the last four years and I currently co coordinate a new Ecycling group.

I would like to talk about the role of group co-ordinator as we currently have a couple of concerning issues within two of our largest and best supported groups.
We are a healthy organisation with more than 90 active groups. It is entirely normal for new groups to become established and sometimes for others to fold as interests
or numbers dwindle. The U3A is a members’ organisation and participation purely voluntary. As such, our members organise themselves and the role of coordinator is
one that helps to facilitate the interest groups. This is different to ‘leader’, as the person who coordinates isn’t always expected to drive the group forwards and they
may well change after a period in the role. Many groups have two coordinators to help cover absence and to share the responsibilities. The expectation is that within
a group a volunteer will be found to do this job. We are lucky in South Lakes to have over 120 people currently coordinating groups.

Both our Local History Group and our Science and Technology Groups will be soon without coordinators and these groups will not reconvene unless volunteers can be
found to help organise them. It seems to me that these groups cover important and interesting areas and should be highly valued within our organisation. People rarely
volunteer actively for roles with some responsibility. It is, perhaps, part of our British character that we don’t want to be seen as pushy. However, often, when approached, people will put their hands up. I hope this is the case within the two groups I have mentioned.

Your new committee will continue to monitor how groups are being coordinated.
I’m delighted that our new Vice Chair, Samantha Ridgeway, has specific responsibilities to liaise with Group Coordinators and we will see if specific training or workshop support for coordinators will be helpful during the Autumn.

In the meantime, I would like to repeat the appreciation of all current Coordinators shown by my predecessor David Little.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Summer.

Martin Douglas OBE.


Monthly Meetings will be restarting on 21 September. Details will be shown on the Events page as they are finalised


The purpose of the group is to examine a diverse range of health and related subjects to enhance understanding and identify health issues and their impact.
More details at Health Matters


Kendal Wheels is the local branch of Wheels for All. It provides 1:1 assistance for people who have never cycled before or who would like to return to cycling after a stroke, visual deterioration etc. Cycles and a wide range of other equipment is provided.
U3A member Chris Shearin is a volunteer with the group and has provided more details of Kendal Wheels


Kendal Integrated Care Community have been working with Kendal Leisure Centre and the Community Respiratory Team to set up a Breathe Easy Group in Kendal with links to Morecambe Bay Respiratory Network. We have the first session planned for 19th May from 1pm-3pm and we will have a session on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the same time. The sessions will take place at Kendal Leisure Centre.
More details at Breathe Easy


The residential summer schools will be held at University of Cumbria, Fusehill St Campus, Carlisle - 16 August – 19 August
The 7 courses on offer are:-
Archaeology: “Archaeology of the Borders”
Art Challenges: “Memories of Childhood”
Geology: “Evolution of the Carlisle basin”
Literature: “North-North-West”
Ukulele: "intermediary level”
Art: “famous art movements”
Colourful Knitting.

There are more details at the Summer Schools Synopsis and Summer Schools Overview


Final Year Students at Nottingham Trent University are looking for people who are over the age of 60 to participate in a survey on Positive Ageing.
I have completed the questionnaire and I think it is a worthwhile contribution to their studies. It is completely anonymous and you can opt out at any time.
You can join them on Ageing Survey


If SLU3A members are interested in forming a group for classic car owners and enthusiasts to share expertise, skills, tools & equipment, visit shows, and organise events, please contact Ed Maso using the messaging 'Eagle'
(Classics loosely defined as vehicles over 40 years old.)


The purpose of the group is to examine a diverse range of health and related subjects to enhance understanding and identify health issues and their impact.


The Davy Notebooks Project ( is currently doing some exciting research, with the help of the public, that may be of interest you. We and an international community of over 1400 volunteer transcribers are currently transcribing, using the people-powered research platform Zooniverse, Sir Humphry Davy's (1778-1829) handwritten notebooks (around 70 in all), many of which have never been transcribed before.

Davy was the leading chemist of the early nineteenth century, but also a poet, moving in the same circles as Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Wordsworth. His notebooks contain not only chemical notes and poetry, but also material encompassing philosophy, medicine, geology, mathematics, astronomy, and more.

Anyone interested in any of these topics, or science or history more generally, will surely find the much of the material we're making freely available - in most cases for the first time - stimulating.
Our Zooniverse project page is Davy Notebooks Project


The Computing group has been superseded by the Computer Help facility, which offers one-to-one assistance