South East Region


The Third Age Trust Website contains all kinds of information that may be useful to your u3a including up-to-date Covid19 advice and details in the Brand Centre of new merchandise that should be available in April such as T shirts etc.

Keeping in Touch is another closed u3a website where members post interesting snippets. Have a look – you may be surprised? Has your u3a got a Facebook page?

The Retention and Recruitment Toolkit contains a wealth of useful information including a whole list of ideas for you to use under the Learning Tab as well as details of workshops you can join, ranging from Maths to Japan, History to Staying Safe Online under on the Events Tab.

Also the Trust is identifying key volunteers to work remotely in each region with Regional Trustees.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

The u3a values its members as individuals and encourages all members to recognise their unique and different perspectives, abilities and contributions, and it sees diversity and inclusion as routes to growth and enrichment. To achieve this the Diversity and Inclusion Committee supports and advises u3as in ensuring that their members and prospective members can access the informal learning and the other activities designed to ensure inclusion and diversity in all we do. You can take part in our discussions by joining one of our Coffee Mornings or presentations on Understanding Diversity and Inclusion. To find out when the next events are being held email us by clicking on Diversity Discussion.

A Speaker for your Meetings

Author Anne Ludlow is available to speak to u3a groups in the South East Region and/or to work with Writing groups, either in person or if you would like to host a Zoom meeting for her. Topics Anne can cover are general creative writing, writing a novel & self-publishing.
You can contact Anne by clicking on the Bluebird link and selecting her name and can view her website by clicking on the link on the right of the screen. Let her know what might suit you and she will try to fit in!


Is your u3a struggling to get committee members? finding group facilitators? Go to Sources and you will find ideas, suggestions and how other u3as have dealt with these and many other topics. Sources Online is our learning blog and hosts creative ideas about how interest groups and u3a members continue to learn, stay healthy and active and engaged during this time.


The newsletter is a great way for the u3a movement to stay in touch with each other – please encourage all your colleagues and members to sign up from the Home Page of the Third Age Trust Website – ‘News’. Please send all your ideas and stories to the communications officer Elizabeth Drury.


This site covers international activities between UK u3as and related organisations overseas in addition to encouraging UK U3As to consider setting up links with these organisations.

u3as in Surrey have been conducting some very successful exchanges over the last seven years and would be glad to share their experience and enthusiasm with other u3as in the South East Region. Do look at this report by Ian Funnell of Fetcham u3a on International Exchanges.

The strength and resilience of the u3a community is exceptional. Thank you for your continued support and commitment.


Grants are available which must be applied for in advance from the S E Region Trustee Susie Berry. Please see the Grants Policy and use the Grant Application form.

£500 Grant if you wish to have a stand at an Exhibition or Agricultural Show etc.

£200 Grant for an Open Day Event where the General Public find out about u3a and is free.

£300 Grants for new u3as. All new u3as will receive a grant to help with setting-up expenses.

The grant for ‘showcasing’ your u3a to the public has increased to £250. Many u3as hold ‘Freshers Fairs or similar when they invite the public to see what u3a is all about and thereby hope to attract new members. Application to u3a Office.

Discretionary Grants - apply to the Trustee for the South East Region

Active Learning

There are many opportunities for u3a members to engage in various types of learning activity.


U3A Yachting 1 The u3a Yachting Group in the Southampton area comprises about 20 people interested in sailing 35-38' Yachts and meeting from November - April and discussing sailing topics. Then from May - October to sail some join the Phoenix Yacht Club (a separate organisation) and sail with them whilst the others [who only want to do 1/2 days a year] get together with a local sea-school or another club to sail with a commercial skipper, sharing the cost.

If you are interested in joining please contact Judith Hankey