South East U3A Region

Interesting Stuff

Royal Holloway

100 U3A members attended Royal Holloway University in Egham to explore ‘U3A and Research’. There were two speakers, 5 Presentations and a choice of a Workshop on Archival Research, Curious Minds, Research & Ethics or The Journey from Interest Group to Research and several Posters to view. Do look at this report Royal Holloway

International Exchanges

U3As in Surrey have been conducting some very successful exchanges over the last seven years and would be glad to share their experience and enthusiasm with other U3Asin the Sout East Region. Do look at this A4 report by Ian Funnell of Fetcham U3A on International Exchanges.

Members' Home Page Pictures - Challenge

The front (Home) page of this U3A South East Region website now displays pictures of the region which have been offered by U3A members. Please send your candidate pictures to

  • Pictures must belong to you
  • They need to be landscape format
  • We need to know your name and your U3A
  • We need to know what they are of
  • They will be displayed at 1024 pixels across - we can reduce them, but higher resolutions take longer to send.

U3A Events

Some of the Third Age Trust Winter/Spring events are now open for booking. They include:

  • Birmingham Concerts
  • The importsnce of being Earnest
  • Vaccination at the Science Museum
  • Science talks at Birkbeck College
  • RI Lectures

To find out more and book your place on any of the events click this Events Newsletter link.

National Workshops

The Third Age Trust offers an extended series of national workshops across the UK in 2016 which will be run by members of the Training & Development team. These are partially in response to demand, with some updates of earlier successful workshops but all are geared towards maintaining the U3A ethos and helping members to manage their U3As more effectively.

History of Protest, Liberty, Power and Rebellion - SLP

A shared learing project for you to join - have a look at the CITIZENS flyer.

U3A Systems

A website allows members to exchange ideas about membership systems - there are 9 different systems described. U3A’s already using these systems share their experience and may answer your questions and concerns.

Benefits and services to U3As & individual U3A members from the Third Age Trust

This poster (links right) is downloadable and lists for U3A committee people and members the benefits and services offered to U3As by the Third Age Trust.

Paid Tutors

The question of whether U3As should allow their interest groups to employ paid tutors seems likely to rage on for ever. Here is a downlaodable four-page discussion on the issue for the guidance of U3A committees.

Publicising your U3A

The grant for ‘showcasing’ your U3A to the public has increased to £250. Many U3As hold ‘Freshers Fairs or similar when they invite the public to see what U3A is all about and thereby hope to attract new members. Application to National Office.

Grant for new U3As

All new U3As will receive a grant of £250 to help with setting-up expenses.

Special Anniversaries

It would be helpful if any U3A celebrating a special anniversary could contact the Trustee as the NEC would like to be able to acknowledge these by sending an anniversary card.

Is your Logo legal?

The official U3A logo is on the national website. Please check to ensure that yours is legal.

Click on a picture below to see it full-size with more details.