What have we been up to?

We started the new year with a trip out. This is unusual as the Group works by each member taking it in turns to host the lunch but being so soon after Christmas it was decided that we would let someone else do the work.
Arranged by Elizabeth and Anton, we visited 'Anton's Bistro' (you couldn't make it up, could you?)at the George Inn in Wells which has a good selection of vegetarian food on the menu.

In February we were the guests of Glennis Dix. With Glennis and Brian (Hon. Member when it is held at their home)we celebrated Chinese New Year, complete with chinese lanterns, chocolate rabbits, chinese bottle covers and fireworks! There is a LINK to the menu which will give you an indication as to the trouble some people go to! If only I had taken the camera.

In June we were the guests of Ingrid. Pictures below. Who says we didn't have a summer?

December - again! A 'Bring and Share' lunch hosted by Anton and Elizabeth. The picture shows a toast to another year of hard study for the Group!

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