A return to our Monthly Meetings at the Edgar Hall.

Since September our Monthly Meetings have once again been taking place at the Edgar Hall but this, due to the current pandemic, is subject to change. Please see the Events page for up to date details.


Group Leaders Meeting September

It was almost a return to normal! In a well controlled environment the Group Leaders were invited to a meeting with members of the committee. The refreshments provided was a 'thank you' to the Leaders for continuing over the past 18 months in what can only be described as 'trying times'.
Along with the coffee and cake, provided by the White Hart Somerton, those present were able to talk and ask questions about our proposed road to recovery.

Thank you to the committee for arranging it.

Steve Davis.



Jane Redgrove is now the Group Coordinator.

Good news Jane Redgrove has volunteered to help as Group Coordinator. Jane has already done some great work and details of some proposed new groups are attached. If you are interested in joining any of them please contact the email address shown for further information.

We are keen to know what groups you would like to see available, so if you have any suggestions please let us know. Of course all groups need a Group Leader, but we are here to help anyone who is willing to set up a group and provide you with help along the way, you would not be alone.

Somerton u3a

News about Groups, new and old.

20th September 2021

Aviation will restart in February 2022 and run through to November. There is a change of venue. The group will meet at the Edgar Hall in Somerton, 10 -12noon. Ray Jones is planning an interesting program of speakers.

French for Beginners & possibly more advanced. NEW
Anne Green has offered to start up one or two new French groups, depending on demand and ability. The groups will meet in Anne’s home in Langport and will be limited to six people in each.
She has had lots of experience in leading groups for her u3a in Hampshire before moving to Langport in 2019.
If you are interested or would like more details, please contact Anne and David via Group Organiser email: groups@SomertonU3A.UK
(N.B. She has 2 cats and so if you have an allergy this may not be the group for you).

Coffee and Chat in The White Hart. NEW
2nd Thursday of each month from 10.30. Meet new friends over a cup of coffee. Would you be interested? We may have to limit numbers so please let us know if you would like to join this new group. groups@SomertonU3A.UK

Sunday Lunch Group. NEW
Would you like to meet up with friends old and new for lunch on a Sunday? The existing Sunday Lunch group members take turns to book a venue and everyone pays for their own drinks and food. A new group would probably meet on the first or second Sunday of each month but this can be decided by the members.
If you are interested, please email groups@SomertonU3A.UK

Scrabble II NEW
The original Scrabble group is more or less full. However, if you would like to play Scrabble, please contact me on groups@SomertonU3A.UK
and we will form a second group if there is enough demand.

Walking Group 1 Level Walks/Strollers (2-3 miles)
We know there is demand for a Level Walking group and we have a leader!
The leader will be responsible for maintaining the list of members and passing on details for each walk.
It is fair that everyone else should contribute a walk. Depending on the size of the group, this may only happen once in two years. You can plan walks from maps or books but you should always reconnoitre the route shortly before the planned walk to ensure the paths are passable and safe for everyone in the group. Then you would supply the details to the leader who could then inform the whole group.
If you would like to join the new list of Level Walkers/Strollers please contact strollers@SomertonU3A.UK

Walking Group 2 Striders (4-5 miles)
We have a volunteer to lead this group too!! (See definition of Leader above). Ruth has had one demonstration of Beacon and has not run away yet.
It is fair that everyone should contribute a walk. Depending on the size of the group, this may only happen once in two years. You can plan walks from maps or books but you should always reconnoitre the route shortly before the planned walk to ensure the paths are passable and safe for everyone in the group. Then you would supply the details to the leader who could then inform the whole group.
Cynthia will probably plan the first walk but then it will be over to you.
Please register your interest by emailing striders@SomertonU3A.UK

Badminton NEW
If you would like to play Badminton, please contact badminton@SomertonU3A.UK

Mahjong I NEW
Are you interested in playing Mahjong? New or more experienced. Let us know, and if there is enough interest we will try to arrange a second group. email: groups@SomertonU3A.UK

Social Bridge
The Social Bridge group can accept some new members. Helga arranges sets of four and each set make their own arrangements for playing in each other’s houses. Please contact Helga for more information via the Groups Organiser at groups@SomertonU3A.UK

Playreading. NEW
I am setting up a group of eight people to meet monthly in each other’s homes from 9.30 to 12.30 on a day to be agreed by the group. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of Playreading, the group will read through a play suitable for the size of the group for the amount of time that we meet; this will be approximately three hours with a break half way through. You don’t need to be an actor or have any theatre experience – we merely read the play through.

The break will be for tea, coffee and cake provided in turn by the members of the group. If time permits the group will have the chance to talk about the play in terms of the plot and how much, or otherwise, they enjoyed it and decide on plays for the future. These can be dramas, farces, comedies, light plays, serious plays – whatever we, as a group, feel we would like to read.

The cost will be £20 in total for a year’s subscription to the Yeovil Library so that equates to just £2.50 a member if we have eight in the group.

If you are interested in joining the group or would like more information, please email me, Liz Short, at: playreading@SomertonU3A.UK
I look forward to hearing from you.

Pins and Needles NEW
After many, many years of leading Pins and Needles, Gill Graham-Clare has retired. Do you want a new group? This could be whatever you want it to be. A small intimate group meeting in each other’s homes or something bigger, perhaps meeting in a hall with occasional demonstrations. Let us have your ideas. groups@SomertonU3A.UK

Theatre Visits
After many years, Daphne has decided she cannot continue booking tickets for this group. The theatres are beginning to re-open. Would someone be willing to take over the Theatre Visits group? Who would like to visit a local theatre as part of a group? Email us at
When we know the degree of interest, we can make plans.


More photographs have been added to the 'Flick'r' site (Follow the link at the side) of the Group's latest outing to Shapwick Heath. A cold damp foggy November morning - but full of surprises! Thanks to Dick Carlyon for the photographs.

For an update of this Group's activities and a lovely report of their last visit, please see the Reading Group 2 Page.

We now have a JAZZ APPRECIATION group. If you are interested in joining then please contact David Munns on 272573

We are still trying to get an ITALIAN CONVERSATION group and also a SPANISH SPEAKING Group. Please contact me on 252071 if anyone is interested.


Somerton AGM

The AGM was held on Monday 9th August at 10.30am via Zoom.

The Minutes from the 2021 AGM, the result of the voting and other related documents can be found by pressing the AGM Button at the top of the page.


Judi PowellChairman
Liz ShortTreasurer
Sue HaighSecretary
Marilyn MuffettMembership Secretary
Mike DavisNewsletter Co-Editor
Amanda HooperCommittee Member
Laurence ReevesBeacon Administrator
David RobinsSpeaker Co-ordinator
Kay WilliamsonNewsletter Co-editor

The committee members will do their best to serve the growing membership of our U3A but it is YOUR organisation. They would welcome suggestions, offers of support and help at any time. Perhaps you would be willing to join the committee? But remember - you don't have to be on the committee to be involved.


For the August Monthly Meeting a number of members attended a talk given by Trudi Zimmer, Community Banker for Nat West.

Trudi has kindly sent the following information to be shared to all members.

"Thank you for the invite to your U3A group today, you have a lovely group and it was a pleasure to talk to you today.

As discussed please find below the places you can go if you want to find out more" :-

Our Security Centre


Help or call 03454 040506

My contact details are below should anybody want these.

Kind Regards

Trudi Zimmer

Community Banker

Customer Engagement & Distribution

Retail Banking


Hello all,

Exciting News,

we now have a Facebook Page and Twitter account!

To access these download the appropriate apps and enter u3a: Somerton on Facebook and Somerton u3a on Twitter. You are all able to post on these sites so keep up to date with Groups and activities as we are able to open up again. If you want to post something and you're not sure how to you can send it to Kay Williamson or myself.

Best Wishes,


SU3A Membership Secretary



A new LINK has been added to the Welcome Page - Somerton U3A Members' Portal. By following the Link, members are invited to enter their membership number (on your membership card), name, email address and post code. You will then be able to update your personal details, VERY IMPORTANT if you are changing your email address. The Link will also give you a list of Groups and highlight the Groups that you are a member of.

It would appear that quite a few members have not been receiving the information sent out in recent months via the Beacon system. Please check that your details are correct.


Entertainment via Link

Laurie Phillips, a long standing member of our U3A who has entertained us at meetings over the years has produced a song and video. Please follow the LINK at the side of this page to watch it.



The Newsletter is now digital. Please just click the Newsletter Button at the top of the Welcome Page to access it.

Please continue to support the editorial team by submitting any articles and information that you may think would be of interest to our members. The closing date for these can be found on the Newsletter.

It may appear that during the present 'troubles', Somerton U3A has ground to a halt but that is far from true. Several Groups have found ingenious ways of carrying on while still following Government guidelines! Is your Group still operating? Why not email something about it to the editorial team? We look forward to hearing from you.


Access to Our Photos

The Flickr site contains a vast collection of photographs from over the years and can be reached by following the Link from the Welcome Page of this site.

Click on 'Photos of Group Activities & Visits'

The pictures appear as a continuous stream in the order they were entered onto the site. You can view them like this or:-

Go to the top of the page and select 'Albums'. This will open all the individual sets and you can select the ones you wish to look at. By viewing this way you should also be able to see details of the event and any comments!

Feel free to 'like' or 'follow' or give an feedback you think appropriate.
If you would like your photos added, I would be very pleased. Please get in touch.

Steve Davis


Are you one of our founder members? Have you anything about our U3A from those early days? If so and you think it is relevant would you please get in touch with Joan Banbury ( or any member of the committee.
Joan is currently archiving electronically lots of the U3A material. Can you help?


Please tell your Group Leader if you are unable to attend meetings.


Our U3A owns various pieces of equipment for your use.
We have just purchased a touch-screen laptop computer with Windows 8 and the list includes 2 other laptops, two digital projectors, a camcorder, music player, sound system, white board easels and flip charts, printer and laminator.
The items are held by various members but are available for any Group.
The printer and laminator are kept by Laurence Reeves and requests for printing or laminating should be made to him or the Publications Group.

If you think your Group could benefit by using any of these items then please speak to a member of the Committee. Training can be given.


If you would like information or news about your Group displayed here, or other information placed elsewhere on the web site, then please get in touch with Steve Davis by email or via the CONTACT page to 'Webmaster'.