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Being a Group Contact

Thinking of becoming a Group Contact?

Your U3A has grown and become successful because of our Group Contacts : all are volunteers and it’s both rewarding and enjoyable. Whether you have thought about it or not, consider these questions:
• Do you participate in and enjoy group activities led by your fellow U3A members?
• Have you an interest or knowledge that you would like to share with other members?
• Do you feel unsure, perhaps a little intimidated, by what being a Contact might entail?

If you have answered “yes” to these questions, please read on.

A Group Contact often does not have to lead a group alone, a wealth of support and assistance is available from group members, the Groups Coordinator, documentation and elsewhere, if required, for both setting up and running the group.

A Group Contact, in many groups, does not need to be a leader or an expert, the role may be more that of an organiser, coordinator, facilitator or administrator.

A Group Contact undertakes the role willingly, there is no coercion : the role is voluntary and a Contact will undertake the role only for as long as they are happy to do so.

From within the U3A organisation, group Contacts have made the following comments :
“I get a real sense of achievement and satisfaction when I have arranged a group that members have asked for”.
“Becoming a Group Contact for me meant getting involved with other group members in the organising and running of the group. I am extremely shy with new people but this was quickly overcome and I quickly got to know other members within the group and enjoyed all the activities”.
“You do not have to have specific knowledge of the group subject, just be a good listener and organiser and everything else is easy – the U3A is run by members for the benefit of members so we should all get involved”.
“It has been so rewarding to see so much progress being made in the members’ work and their confidence grow. We still have lots to learn but if passed experience is anything to go by we shall have lots of fun and friendship doing it”.
“Well, I became one by accident. I really wanted to join the group but there was a waiting list, and I’d been waiting for a year, so I decided that if I wanted to do it I’d just offer to start a new group”.

To discuss further, please contact your Groups Coordinator. Tel: 01509 673843, Email ian lloyd