Soar Valley

Minutes of the 2015 AGM



Tuesday 24th March 2015

2.00pm. Normanton on Soar Village Hall

1. Apologies: Mary Lowden, Jeremy Lowden, Mike Mountain, Pam Mountain, Margaret Ross, Fred Ing, Sally Townsley, Cheryth Knight, Julia Wagstaff, Tom Adam, Dinah Hemstock, Gill Smith

2. Minutes of the A.G.M. 25th March 2014 have been displayed on the notice board and on the website and were accepted as a true record.
Proposer John Herrington Seconder Jack Fells

3. Matters Arising: there were no matters arising

4. Chairman’s Report (Peter Hickling)
The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and gave thanks to all who had supported him over the past two years.
It has been necessary to look at the Constitution of SVU3A and there are some areas that need tweaking to bring it up to date. The Committee has put forward changes to 10 items in the Constitution and these resolutions have been circulated to all members.

4.1 The proposal from the Committee is for the members to accept these changes.
Seconder Maureen Johnson
By a show of hands the resolutions were accepted unanimously
There are 12 positions on the Committee and the Chairman was pleased to announce that nominations for 11 of these have been received and circulated to all members. There are some changes to the Committee as 3 members are not standing again. These are Barbara Allen, Margaret Ross and Jean Roberts and thanks were given to them for all their hard work and support over many years.
By a show of hands the members agreed that the Chairman could seek someone, from members present, to fill the 12th Committee position. No volunteer came forward.

4.2 The election of the Management Committee
By a show of hands the nominations were accepted unanimously.
Lorna Orton, the Membership Secretary, has been co-opted onto the Committee.
Thanks were given to the members of the Social Team for all their hard work in arranging the social events during the past year. Barbara Allen, Caroline Harding and Julie Wakerley are resigning from the Team, but Christine Hinners and Marilyn Wood are continuing.
Thanks were given to the members who volunteer to serve the refreshments at General Meetings and also John Herrington, the webmaster, who has kept the website up to date.
The Chairman said he was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by all who volunteer to help in the running of SVU3A.

5. Secretary’s Report (Joe Hemstock)
The national A.G.M. will take place on Thursday 27th August at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham.
Photos and information have been received from Head Office of all who run the national organisation.
Information on a wide range of topics which are covered by the Summer Schools is available on the notice board.
Members are reminded that the Third Age Trust provides a legal aid service.

6. Treasurer’s Report (Roger Baird)
Copies of the current balance sheet for the year ending 28th February 2015 were distributed.
A copy of the balance sheet will be kept in file.
As the Chairman explained, the Committee have been reviewing the Constitution, under the guidance of TAT and the Charity Commissioners. This has thrown up certain issues on how we must organise our finances in the future.
Historically, we have had a Main a/c for the day to day running of Soar Valley affairs and any event of an educational nature. In addition, we have had a Buffer a/c which was a holding a/c for the Main a/c. This allowed us to collect and hold monies separately from the Main a/c for ease of accountancy with any surplus being paid into the Main a/c. This will no longer take place as any surplus will remain in the Social a/c.
Therefore the two accounts in the future will be the Main a/c and the Social a/c. Monies from past social events and the Christmas raffle are therefore the basis of the new Social a/c which stands at £1367.93 on the 28th February 2015.
In future we must keep the social events totally separate from the Main a/c as it will not be possible to transfer money from the Main a/c after this initial payment. This is going to need some careful management by your Committee in the ensuing months to keep this opening balance of the Social a/c in a healthy state and may necessitate some cost changes to the running of future social events.
As far as the Charity Commissioners are concerned, subscriptions are for educational purposes only and should not be used for social purposes.
We are in a strong position to go forward into the new financial year.
Printing and stationary will be reduced in the coming year by the circulation of black/white copies of the newsletter to those members who do not receive an e-mail copy.
This saving may be negated by an increase in postal costs and a decision to revert back to sending membership renewals by post rather than by e-mail, a trial that has been only partly successful.
Brian Hinners continues to source our speakers and the figure covers six meetings and the entertainer at the Christmas party. This is a realistic figure when speakers are asking for travelling expenses in addition to their fee.
Income has been greatly improved by the increase in subscriptions from April 1st 2014. A further increase in our income can be expected in the coming full year of subs. at the new rate.
Payments from Gift Aid have helped and in the period from July 2014 to March 2015 we have received £475.00 which equates to £1.35 per member.
The annual subscriptions will remain at £12.00 per member and £9.00 for associate members. The capitation fee to TAT remains at £3.50.
As there were no questions, the members were asked to show their acceptance of the balance sheet by a show of hands. It was accepted unanimously.
Thanks were given to Brian Hill for his work as Independent Examiner of the accounts over the past few years. In his place, Jeff Bradley has volunteered to replace him as the Independent Examiner for the coming year. Members were asked to show acceptance of Jeff in this position by a show of hands. He was accepted unanimously.
The Main Account currently stands at £1875.63.
The Social Account stands at £2365.43. Since the end of February there have been significant in-floes of money for the Quiz night and summer outings and the holding of Registration fees for the Theatre Group members, which can be reclaimed by them at this and the May General Meeting.

7. Membership Report(Lorna Orton)
The number of members in SVU3A seems to have stabilised at 352.
Members have not responded well to renewing their membership with e-mail reminders, so we are reverting back to the system of sending renewals by post. Renewal forms will be available at each General Meeting.
Lorna is looking for a volunteer to take charge of the book stall at General Meetings.

8. Groups Coordinator’s Report (Peter Bloxham)
The number of Interest Groups seems to have stabilised at 42.
Leaders are required to form new groups.
The Chess group has lost numbers recently and is in abeyance until it reaches a viable number.
Two groups could be struggling to continue. The leaders of the Holiday group and Ballroom Dancing group are stepping down and new leaders are being sought for the groups to continue.
Bird Watching 2 has a waiting list but no leader.
Mary Ashworth has agreed to be the leader of the new Croquet group.
On Friday 24th April, the Barn Dancing group is hosting a Clog Dancing display, 2.30pm. in Sutton Bonington Village Hall.
Suggestions from members are always welcome. A Suggestion Box is available at General Meetings.

9. Social Team Report (Barbara Allen)
The Coffee Morning on Saturday 7th March was well supported.
There are only 6 tickets left for the Quiz and Fish & Chips Night on Friday 10th April. This year the food will be delivered from a local pub, the Kings Head in Sutton Bonington. Members will need to bring their own drinks and glasses.
This will be the last event organised by the current Social Team. Barbara thanked members for their support. Thanks were given to the Team of Barbara Allen, Christine Hinners, Caroline Harding Julie Wakerley and Marilyn Wood. Barbara, Julie and Caroline are stepping down and volunteers are being sought for joining the Social Team.

10. Outings Update (Peter Hickling)
The 3 outings for 2015 have been arranged and confirmed.
The trip to Bristol in September is full with a waiting list. On this trip there is the option of booking lunch and money for this needs to be collected beforehand when paying for the Outing.
There are a few seats left on the other 2 outings. Once a trip is confirmed, based on the number booked, payment is required. In the event of a cancellation, the Committee may look to see if some refund can be given.

11. Any Other Business
Mansfield U3A are organising a short break to Thoresby Hall in January 2016. Details are on the notice board.
On 18th and 19th April, the Art Group is holding an art exhibition in Hathern Parish Church.
Brian Hinners the in-coming Chairman thanked Peter Hickling for the work he had done over the past two years.
The Speaker for the afternoon was Ella Tong from the Dogs Trust near Wymeswold.