Soar Valley

Communication with Members

To Group Leaders and all Members.

There would appear to be some confusion concerning our 'Soar Valley' email system so I have asked for this message to be circulated and I apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

As SVU3A has grown it has become increasingly more difficult to get messages to all members. Our web site is one way of doing this and to a lesser degree the Newsletter can be used, but neither ensure direct messaging. Hence the 'Soar Valley' email system was introduced as a central issuing service to circulate messages, of general interest, directly to all members who have email addresses registered with us. There is therefore no need for Group Leaders to forward emails to their members, as they should have already received the same message, because the service currently covers some 85/90% of our membership.

However until the day when everyone has an email address it is impossible to circulate information quickly to the few 'no-email' people and therefore in these instances we rely on the Group Leaders and other members to pass messages on verbally to the 'few' in their group.

For security reasons 'Soar Valley' emails are always sent out bcc (blind carbon copy) so no circulation list will appear at the top but be assured that they are sent to everyone as mentioned above.

Peter Hickling