Soar Valley

On Line Committee Report for Nov 2020

Summary from the Chairman of key items discussed at the November committee meeting.

Treasurer's Report (Gill Howdle): Account balance - £5,805.

Annual subscription renewals in 2021 have been set at £5.00 – which, whilst it will reduce our reserves, leaves us in good shape for the future and we hope will partially compensate for the lack of activity this year.

Membership Report (Marilyn Wood): We currently have 342 members. No leavers, no new members.

Secretary's Report (Joe Hemstock): Diaries are available at £3.00 each, details in the newsletter.

Group Co-ordinator's Report (Ian Lloyd): Sadly, due to the current lock-down, all face to face activities are on hold. We hope to resume group activities as soon as the rules permit and the arrangement to subsidise groups so that CoVid-Secure village halls can be used will resume when that becomes possible.

Outings Update (Roger Golds): All three outings were cancelled, everyone notified and website changed. Subject to things returning to normal and to availability, the same three outings will be booked for next year. We plan to confirm this in January 2021.

Communications (Brian Hinners): If anyone is able to contribute an article for the newsletter, Brian will be very grateful. As you can imagine, the curtailment of normal activities has reduced the number of articles received. If you are worried about writing for the newsletter, perhaps you could send Brian some photographs and a few notes?.