Soar Valley


If you are thinking of joining Soar Valley U3A because you are interested in a particular activity, please check the Group List below to see if the activity is listed. If it is, you should ideally contact the Group Leader or Groups Coordinator to check availability because some Groups may be full, and waiting lists are then held.

Contact details for Group Leaders can be found in the Group List and those for the Groups Coordinator are also given below.

Every effort is made to ensure that members are able to join a Group of their choice (see Group Membership Policy).

However it is possible for new study and activity groups to be formed at any time if there is sufficient interest and a volunteer with appropriate knowledge or skills to organise the group. Members are encouraged to set up and put forward ideas for new groups. See Plans for New Groups

All Groups need a Leader, a role which isn't as difficult as may be thought, and can actually be very satisfying. To get some idea of what might be entailed see the notes on being a Group Contact


Ideas for new Groups

1. A weekend group that might be attractive to singles or those who are lonely at weekends and would like some company. It could be a Sunday group, getting together for a pub lunch. Or it might include Saturdays and local bus or car sharing trips for a day out. Or anything else that appeals.

Interested? Contact Ian Lloyd. Tel: 07471 940691, e-mail: Ian Lloyd


Computing. We don't currently have a Computer Group, but useful, and helpful, information is provided by another U3A at Ravenshead Computer Group. Follow the link, and go to Computer Guides

Groups Co-ordinator.

Ian Lloyd. Tel: 07471 940691, e-mail: Ian Lloyd

Please click an Activity below and/or "Timetable" for further information.

Group List
ArtBarn Dancing Bird watching 1Birdwatching 2
Board GamesBook Club / Reading GroupBowls Classical Music Appreciation
Engineering & InnovationFrench – Wednesday GroupFrench ImproversGarden Group
Hill WalkingHistory 2History Study Group Line Dancing
Natural HistoryNeedlecraftsPaper CraftsPhotography
Science & TechnologyScottish DancingScrabbleSequence & Ballroom Dancing
Snooker Soar Valley SingersStrollersTable Tennis
u3a DinersWalking 1Walking 2Walking 3
Group List
ArtBarn Dancing
Bird watching 1Birdwatching 2
Board GamesBook Club / Reading Group
Bowls Classical Music Appreciation
Engineering & InnovationFrench – Wednesday Group
French ImproversGarden Group
Hill WalkingHistory 2
History Study Group Line Dancing
Natural HistoryNeedlecrafts
Paper CraftsPhotography
Science & TechnologyScottish Dancing
ScrabbleSequence & Ballroom Dancing
Snooker Soar Valley Singers
StrollersTable Tennis
u3a DinersWalking 1
Walking 2Walking 3