Stanford-Le-Hope & District

Extraordinary General meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting on Thursday 13th September.

This will take place at the start of our general meeting on the above date and should take less than 10 minutes.
Motion to Change the numbering of the Stanford le Hope & District U3A Constitution.
I need to highlight an error in our Constitutions clauses paragraph numbering and as yet our Constitution remains unsigned. The errors emanated from the original numbering of motion changes proposed by our member, and somehow between us, we failed to pick up on these errors and correct them before our AGM.
Please note that these incorrect numbers were as presented to our members at the AGM.

Our outgoing Secretary (Diane Wallace), and our newly elected Secretary (June Chapman), and myself have reviewed these errors and found that there is no mis-wordings and all motions were recorded as they were required to be by the proposer.
Diane, June and I had a meeting at the July general meeting to review this error and to agree that no misleading of our members had taken place, as no re-wording of any amendment had been made.

I then took this forward and made the necessary corrections to the numbering and offered the completed Constitution to our National U3A CEO, Sam Mauger for her consideration and acceptance. Which she has now done and our rules state that we must put this change to our membership for their acceptance.
It centred on Motion 15 which was motioned as requiring a new Section 16.
Motion 15 was accepted but it did not in fact require a new section 16 as it belonged in Section 10 and should have become 10. x.

This is the original motion.

Motion 15:
Para 7g. In the Constitution: AGM Agenda page 2 refers:
To insert new section 16 (which will be re- numbered as section 17 if Motion c is carried) as follows:
The Executive Committee is empowered to deal with any matter not provided for in the Constitution and current Policy Document.

Proposer, Paul Brice Mem No. 356 Seconder Peter Woodcock Mem No. 006
Against 13 Abstain 20 For 93 Motion carried.

The Extraordinary General Meeting: Thursday 13th September.
Having given 21 days’ notice to our members.

Motion 1. In the Constitution.
To renumber the clause ‘The Executive Committee is empowered to deal with any matter not provided for in the Constitution and current Policy Document’, to Clause 10.x

Proposer: Colin Munro. Mem No. 013 Seconder: Diane Wallace Mem No. 005
For …….. Abstain …….. Against ………. Motion carried/defeated

Colin Munro. Chairman, Stanford le Hope & District U3A. 20th August 2018