Stanford-Le-Hope & District

Technical Problems!!

Having had a lot of technical problems showing our photographs on the big TV screen at the Karis May Darling Centre, Dick and I arranged to try and solve them. We found that a USB stick would work as would an SD card in an adapter. However, trying to show Dick’s DVD was a bit more complicated. It would work in a hit and miss way but was not reliable.
On the meeting day the two of us arrived a bit earlier to make sure the DVD would work. It did, briefly.

When our group session started, the DVD would show but with a green cast. Dick had spent a lot of time putting together the DVD of his holiday trip with music and sub-titles but seeing it through a green cast wasn’t quite what he wanted. So, a couple of us showed some random images we had brought up as a standby. These showed perfectly.

After a chat and a coffee, Dick had one more try at playing his DVD, and it played perfectly. By this time though we had all had enough and just watched an excerpt. I would like though, to thank Dick for all his efforts. He could at least explain, to a query, how he had put the DVD together!