Stanford-Le-Hope & District

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge

The group started, on a very fine Monday morning, by visiting HMS Belfast on the South Bank. It was a very interesting experience, after which we had lunch in St Katherine's Dock.

In the afternoon we had a "Behind the Scenes" guided tour of the whole of Tower Bridge which included both the high level and lower part of the Bridge and also the engine rooms. We walked over the glass floors and we had a good view of the road and the River Thames. We had two guides and an engineer showing us the mechanics of the Bridge, the engine rooms and told us of its history. After going down many stairs we eventually got to the bottom of the bridge which is actually below the river-bed, it was a very dark and dank area.

Before we left for home we decided to walk along the South Bank to the Golden Hind in dry dock.

We had a very long and tiring day which amounted to seven miles of walking according to Colin's pedometer and thousands of steps!!! Our next trip will not be so tiring!

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