Stanford-Le-Hope & District

Website change of address

The address of this website, Stanford-le-Hope and District U3A is changing. The 'Site Builder' team who manage the websites for the National U3A are gradually introducing a more secure method of accessing Site Builder websites of which our Stanford-le-Hope and District U3A is one. This is in line with the increasing security standards that are being introduced across the world wide web. This will ensure that when you log onto a site you should have a reasonable guarantee that you are communicating with the actual site and not a site pretending to be us. Also that when logged onto our site, you cannot be read or forged by a third party. It also may prevent some web browsers issuing warnings that the page you are viewing is insecure.

To continue viewing the Stanford-le-Hope and District U3A website you will have to make a small change to the address your browser searches, to view our website.
So for example instead of using you should now go to You will notice the first part of the address 'http' now is 'https'.

If you have short cuts or bookmarks to our site on your electronic devices these need to be changed. You can either edit the short cut or bookmark directly or click this link to go to the New website address. You can then make a new short cut or bookmark from this page. Please remember to delete the old links.

The old style addresses (beginning will continue to work for the foreseeable future but increasingly will be converted automatically to the new style within Site Builder itself.

Website Administrators.