Stanford-Le-Hope & District

Buying and Selling Tickets for Events

Information for members

Our U3A Day trips or Events are advertised in the News email, Newsletter and on our Website. If they involve money changing hands tickets/places for them will be sold at our General Meetings and a notice with the name of the trip/event being displayed in a Perspex holder on the allocated table.

We have a system of booking to cut down on queuing and making it fairer to all. Could you bring your cheque - made out to S-L-H U3A Social or Stanford le Hope and District U3A depending upon the nature of the event and a completed Event Booking form with your details and preferences.

When you hand this over, collect a numbered ticket as its your place in the booking list. These will be sorted out and your receipt ready to collect at the end of the meeting. Hopefully, this will be quicker, easier and you wont miss your cuppa in the interval queuing up.

You can download and print an Event Booking Form here. It prints as a double form on an A4 landscape page.

NOTE. To down load and print a pdf file you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed it can be installed by clicking this link Adobe PDF Reader. Take care to select the appropriate options for your computer and unclick the boxes that will install unwanted software on your computer.

Forms will also be available at our General Meetings and one is generally available on the back of the newsletter.

If you can’t find the table selling the tickets you want to buy ask Bernie Smith, our Meetings and Speaker secretary.

All general Day Trip places will be sold first at a General Meeting. This is to try to avoid members wanting to buy tickets and finding that all the places have gone before the Meeting. Some people know about it before it is advertised to the whole membership as they are on mailing lists, and have access to email and phone numbers for the trip organisers.

All our Interest Group Leaders have to tell the Meeting and Speaker Secretary by the Monday before the meeting about the sales so he can save and allocate tables for them and prepare the signs. Bernie will know where he placed the groups for the ticket sales.

If a Day Trip is organised by an Interest Group and is connected specifically to the theme of the group (eg Family History running a trip to the National Archives at Kew in order for people to do family research) - the members of that Interest Group will know about before it is advertised to the membership in general and may have already paid for tickets/places.
If there are still places left, the trip will be advertised by Newsletter and Website and tickets sold at the next General Meeting after the adverts.