Stanford-Le-Hope & District


It is a requirement when organising a DAY TRIP that the procedure outlined below is followed to reduce risk to both our members and the Stanford le Hope and District U3A.
The following advice about approval will apply.

The Executive Committee requests that:
• All trips must be planned using either the 'HINTS AND TIPS' or 'MUST DO' lists
• A RISK ASSESSMENT must be completed. Use either the partially completed or Blank forms
• DAY TRIP MONEY COLLECTING FORM to record all money collected.
• The EMERGENCY INFORMATION should be completed when the trip is underway.
• The RECORD/ATTENDANCE form to be completed before the trip and used to check all members are present.
• All DAY TRIPS to be approved by the Day Trips Coordinator or an Executive Committee member.

The following documents are designed to aid the trip organiser in the planning of the trip reducing the planning time and any concerns about the trip. The costing procedure should ensure that the advertised cost has a sound and economic background.

• HINTS AND TIPS FOR RUNNING DAY TRIPS (First time organisers)
• COST OF A TRIP (EXCEL spread sheet)
• DAY TRIP Risk Assessment form. Blank version

Advice on the use of the forms:

*Hints and Tips for running Day Trips
For those NEW to organising Day Trips, please use this form. For any Day trip that is organised this form MUST be completed and approved

Latest Document: Hints and Tips for running Day trips Version 2 August 2015

*Must Do
For those more familiar with organising Day trips, please use this form. For any Day trip that is organised, this form MUST be completed and approved

Latest Document: Must do list for All Day Trip organisers Version 9 August 2015

*Cost Of A Trip
This is an EXCEL spread sheet designed to work out the cost of a trip with the various allowances.

Latest Document: Costing for Day Trips June 2015 Issue 1

*Day Trip Risk Assessment
There are examples of risks likely to be encountered on a Day Trip by coach. It is recommended that to save time and concern, trip organisers use the partially completed form, adding any other risks that they can think of pertaining to their particular trip. Trip organisers can of course complete their own risk assessment forms using the blank templates as required.

Latest Documents: Partially completed day trip risk assessment V3 June 2015
Blank day trip risk assessment V2 June 2015

*Day Trip Money Collecting form
This ensure you have all the details on one form and provides a column for a signature if you have to return any money.

Latest Document: Day Trip Money Collection Record Form Version 4 August 2015

*Emergency Information
This is designed to be handed around a coach for people to fill in on the day - It has space for 56 people so it needs to be printed double sided on a printer.
It also has a column for a refund should you need it on the day

Latest Document: Emergency info form day trips V 1

*Record/Attendance sheet
This for the group leader's use on the day - they will have already filled out the information before they go on the trip and take it with them just noting down if the people are present and noting down any returned money. There is space for 50 people on that one so it needs to be printed double sided on a printer.
I has numbers on both sides so it is easier to see if someone has been missed out or is missing.

Latest Document: Record Attendance sheet Version 3 August 2015


If Day Trip organisers have their own forms and procedures, these may be used with the approval of the Day Trip Coordinator or the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is fully in support of any U3A members organising Day trips.

Any Day trip that is proposed must be cleared by the Executive Committee or the Day Trip Coordinator before it is offered to the membership either on the Website or in the Newsletter or on sale at any General meeting.

Any trip that does not conform to these guidelines will not be advertised or offered to our members.


The documents are listed on the right hand side under the LINKS heading. Most of the documents are in the form of a PDF (Portable Document Format) so they display in a similar fashion on most computers and tablets.

You can down load the documents and save them onto your computer for printing as required.
A 'WORD' versions of the above forms can be supplied upon request.

NOTE. To down load and print a PDF file you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed it can be installed by clicking this link Adobe PDF Reader Take care to select the appropriate options for your computer and unclick the boxes that will install unwanted software on your computer.


Please also note
On all Stanford-le-Hope and District U3A trips, members of our U3A get priority. If the trip has to be opened up to others because there are spare places, members of other U3As who have asked to go will be offered a place before non-members. Non-members (including spouses and partners) can only go on our trips/outings on two occasions in total. Exceptions will be made for official carers.