Stanford-Le-Hope & District

Suggestions for future Interest Groups

A message from our Interest Groups’ Co-ordinator

At the initial meeting at the "Welcome Club" in Stanford-le-Hope, people were asked to state what interests groups they would like to join, which were then collated.

Some of the specific interests listed were:

  • computers
  • history
  • keep fit
  • ballroom dancing
  • art appreciation
  • baking/cooking
  • playing an instrument
  • music
  • water aerobics
  • yoga

We asked members at a recent General Meeting if they were interested in taking part in any of the groups listed below, to register.

  • Cooking
  • Chess
  • Board Games
  • Visiting Places of Interest
  • Aqua/Water Aerobics
  • DVD/Film watching
  • Art / Art Appreciation

If you are interesting in any of these groups, as a first instance, please contact Interest Groups’ Co-coordinators Paul Brice OR Jean Jardine

If you are willing to lead/co-ordinate/help out and develop any of these groups or you have ideas about another interest group you would like to propose, just in case any other members are interested, as a first instance - please contact our Interest Groups’ Co-ordinators Paul Brice OR Jean Jardine. It can be advertised to all our other members via the General meetings, Newsletter or Website.

(Interest Groups have to be set up in consultation with the Interest Groups’ Co-ordinator.)

All Interest Groups need to be self-financing.