Stanford-Le-Hope & District

AGM 2021 Additional information

Stanford-le-Hope and District u3a AGM

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic and the subsequent Lockdowns, the ability to plan and organise anything with certainty is currently impossible. Consequently, the Executive Committee is officially advising all members it is planning a virtual AGM to take place later, in 2021.
Should the situation change and we are allowed to hold an AGM face-to-face we will adapt our plan and advise our members accordingly. Holding a virtual AGM in 2021 meets our constitution criteria, avoiding the need for Members to travel and meet.

Your Executive Committee will at all times be guided by the u3a National Office advice and continue to follow Government guidelines.

Your SLH&D u3a Executive Committee will remain in their present roles until the SLH&D u3a AGM is concluded. A plan is being prepared and will be published when finalised to keep our members informed. This may change subject to regulation changes, which are outside of our control.

We need to modify our Constitution to allow us to hold the AGM virtually and again, plans are in place to do this at the 2021 Virtual AGM.

We do need your help to enable us to hold a virtual AGM.


At our virtual AGM you will have a chance to put forward motions for consideration. Motion forms will be attached with our newsletter and advance notice email system. Please download and complete the form. Proposers and seconders must be current members of our U3A. The committee require these motions in advance of the AGM to allow more time for discussion with the u3a National Office where required. This also gives the committee and responsible officers more time to complete the administration for the AGM. The deadline for motions is shown on the AGM timetable below. Completed Motion forms should be sent to the SLH&D u3a The Secretary. Return details included with the form.

Nominations for the Executive Committee

Attached to newsletters and advance emails; we are planning to include Nomination forms so you have a chance to nominate members for the Executive Committee for the coming year. Think carefully if you know of anyone (including yourself) who has the skills and ideas to contribute to the Executive Committee. Speak to them first and check they are willing to stand. If you are prepared to put yourself forward let someone know so they can propose and second you. Do not assume others will do the proposing and nominations, or leave it to the last moment.

If you know someone or yourself who is in agreement to standing for the Executive Committee, down load and print a Nomination form and fill it in! It is really important that our members take ownership of their u3a by taking part in formal activities such as nomination. The deadline for Nominations is shown on the AGM timetable below. Completed Nomination forms should be sent to the SLH&D u3a The Secretary. Return details included with the form.

For those members who do not use email We will have previously delivered to you our newsletter, so a Nomination and Motion form will be included with a future newsletter delivery. Should you wish to participate in the AGM process please complete and return the forms. Return details will be included with the form. At a later date an AGM pack will be included with the newsletter delivery

Those nominated, proposers and seconders must all be current members of our u3a.
Under our constitution and in normal circumstances, most Executive Committee members can only serve for 5 years.

Many of the existing Executive Committee members started at the same time and their 5 years will be up this year.

In 2020/2021 at least four of the existing Committee will not be eligible for re-election and our Chairman must stand down after his five-year term.

Fresh ideas and skills that newcomers bring to the Committee will benefit us all.

At every AGM the existing Executive Committee stands down and this means if they are to be re-elected, they too have to be nominated, along with any new candidates.

The Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee consists of 4 Officers (Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and up to 10 other Committee Members. There can be a total of 14 on the Executive Committee. Up to 2 other members can be co-opted as Committee Members up to the next AGM if particular skills or special circumstances require it.)
This is what the Officers do:

Chairman: The Chairman’s role is to chair, the monthly meetings and the committee meetings, to give a sense of direction that motivates the committee and the whole u3a. The Chairman also represents Stanford-Le-Hope and District u3a at other u3a activities and to other external organisations. The Chairman, apart from chairing the AGM, gives a report each year to the members.

Vice-Chairman: The Vice-Chairman deputises where necessary for the chairman in any of the chairman’s duties and provides an alternative source of motivation to the committee and the whole u3a.

Secretary: The Secretary draws up the agenda for committee meetings, including the AGM and maintains the record of the decisions made, being ultimately responsible for producing the Minutes of such meetings. The Secretary also acts as contact person with the u3a National Office, the Charity Commission and local associations, providing services to the whole of the SLH&D u3a and outside organisations. The agendas, minutes, important documents are stored by the Secretary.

Treasurer: The Treasurer maintains the records of the incoming and outgoing money for the whole u3a, as well as supervising the accounts of the interest groups. The Treasurer ensures the Committee has appropriate procedures for handling money and also liaises with the Membership Secretary. The Treasurer maintains contact with the u3a’s banks, the HMRC (for gift aid) and the u3a National Office for the (Third Age Trust) membership fee and prepares an annual statement for approval by our financial examiner. The Treasurer gives a report each year to the members at the AGM.

Other Executive Committee Members may be given responsibilities once they are elected and the new Committee decides what is important and what needs to be done. These include amongst others:

Membership Secretary and deputyInterest Group Coordinator
Assistant TreasurerSpeaker Secretary
Website AdministratorDisabilities Coordinator

All Executive Committee Members are Trustees of our u3a.

This is a responsible duty. Advice on being a trustee and information on any new laws are provided by the u3a National Office and others, such as The Charity Commission.

  • Our Trustees are responsible for making sure the money that comes into our u3a (including your subscriptions) is spent wisely. This is one of the reasons that all interest groups have to provide the Treasurer with details of their accounts whether they collect money or not.
  • Trustees also have to make sure that our u3a abides by relevant legislation or rulings made by the Charity Commission and the General Data Protection Regulation recently introduced.