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Coronavirus or Covid-19 as this strain has been labelled, has become a major event in our lives and within our U3A. Its been around for a few months and is likely to be around for a few more. It is severely restricting our activities but most important we must all take care and be safe.

We have held regular Executive Committee meeting via ZOOM to discuss our way forward as the Government advice allows. We will keep our members informed of our plans via this website, our electronic newsletter and our regular weekly emails.
Advice from Government and National Office U3A sources is changing on almost a daily basis so it is worth re clicking the links to the external sources to get the information you require first hand.


All our events and meetings are cancelled for the foreseeable future and refunds for trips and events have been made. If you have not received yours or have a problem please contact Chris, Jean or Graham

No more bookings for trips will be taken until the situation improves and we are confident that we may resume our activities.


Advice from NHS ENGLAND.

"JUST" the Flu

“Just” the flu? Each year the flu kills on average 11,000 people and hospitalises thousands more. There’s no just about it. The flu virus spreads from person to person. Even amongst those not showing symptoms. The flu vaccine is the best protection for you and those around you. It’s available for free to those most at risk. Ask your GP or pharmacist.
This year, with COVID-19 in circulation, it’s more important than ever that eligible groups are vaccinated to protect them from flu.

Flu can affect people differently; even if you are healthy and think you can cope with it, you may pass it onto someone close to you who may be at a greater risk of complications due to medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes etc. The best way to reduce your risk of getting sick with seasonal flu and passing it to other people is to have the flu vaccination, which is free to many.

If you are unsure of your eligibility for the free NHS flu vaccine, contact your GP or pharmacy.
The more people who have the vaccination this winter, the less the flu virus can spread,
helping to protect yourself and those vulnerable children and adults within our community.

To view the advice directly from NHS England click Flu Vaccination



Advice is changing rapidly and when it is received it will be posted here. For the latest advice from National Office on restarting groups click here.National Office Latest Advice -2


If you are receiving our monthly advance notice email to your inbox, you will receive updates via this system. If you do not receive this and wish to, please advise the Membership Secretary with your name and email address and you will be added the list. Our latest can be found by clicking OCTOBER/NOVEMBER2020 Keeping in Touch


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Our National Office each month produces a newsletter emailed out to member that have subscribed and receive it as part of an email.
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Due to COVID-19, all appointments and the Walk-in Repair sessions in both Orsett & Basildon hospitals, and Billericay Health Centre are cancelled for the foreseeable future. With Libraries closed, replacement batteries for aids may be difficult to obtain.

To assist their patients, the hospital are providing a postal hearing aid repair service and posting hearing aid batteries.
At present, any patient who require batteries can telephone Orsett Audiology on 01268 394 732. They will take the persons details and post out the required batteries. If any aids are broken, or need repairing, the individual can post the aids off to Orsett Audiology and they will attempt to fix the aids and post back once completed. They can also supply the tubing.

For more information, and if you require advice about your aid, please contact by email Orsett Audiology or telephone 01268 394 732


Yes. They are already exploiting the current situation to make money. Apart from following the medical advice on Coronavirus please also be careful on any unsolicited contact with others. Keep your distance. Advice from Action Fraud tells you what to watch out for. More info Pandemic Scam

As has been said in many of our communications, please call a committee member if you need extra assistance or at all worried.