National High Street Project

This project was originally planned as a research project looking at how the High Street had changed over time but came to a holt with the onset of Covid and the lockdown. The project has now been resurrected and will be rolled out as a National Research Project under the auspices of the National Research sub-committee (NRSC). It will culminate in a landmark report for the U3A 40th Anniversary in 2022.

It is becoming clear that our high streets could change due to the effects of the Covid pandemic. The idea is to track and record those changes. Small groups from U3As will carry out a survey of their own High Street in September 2020 to capture the pre-pandemic state of Britain's shopping locations. This will then be repeated some months later to see how locations might have changed. A full report looking in depth at the impact of the pandemic on the high street will then be published in early 2022.

Sleaford U3A has already signed up to be part of this important and worthwhile project. Our volunteers will choose a small number of shopping streets. They will walk along them noting down three items of data about each property: street number, name and type of business. Along with photographing the shopfront. The next stage will happen at home. Volunteers will list their street, according to 'property type' codes which will be provided, on a simple form and send to the project team. Simple.

If you would like to be one of those volunteers contact the courses leader