Stukeley Memoirs Project

Some members of Sleaford U3A found a fascinating and simulating way to pass lockdown. We have been working on the Stukeley Memoirs Shared Learning Project with the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society.

This completely virtual project involves the transcription and annotation of five unique volumes gifted by William Stukeley to the SGS. These slender notebooks offer a personal, first-hand account of the Royal Society from 1740 to 1750. The U3A members transcribed two volumes while the SGS members worked on another two. The fifth volume was shared to complete the transcription phase.

The next step is to do a little deeper research into the characters and projects Stukeley describes. The contributors cover a range of famous, and not so famous, philosophers trying to describe and understand the natural phenomena they see. Everyone, from ‘Mr Franklin of Philadelphia’ to ‘Dr. Long’s servant’, discussing a range of topics from trying to understand how electricity works to Chinese art. It must be said, with varying degrees of success!

If you would like to join us as a researcher, please contact the course leader. All you need for this part is internet access and email. It is a really good way to keep learning and occupied while the U3A is on hold.