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What are we doing in Lockdown


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Lynne Onyskiw garden 1Lynne Onyskiw garden 2
Lynne Onyskiw writes “I am working part time, so do a bit now and then, when I can. I have a lot of cutting back to do as my front garden is very 'lush and verdant' at the moment - well it does keep the weeds at bay, as there is no room for them! It is mostly a collection of tiny Hebes that have grown into monsters and some pink hardy geranium, which just takes over anything else I try to plant - there were Hellebores and Heucheras that possibly may still be there underneath, though the Clematis manages to find it's way up and there is a perennial Fuchsia that has grown through the always gorgeous Exochorda macrantha ' The Bride', so I get white flowers in Spring, then the Fuchsia flowers are already forming and will be out for most of the Summer to Autumn, though they are not as showy as the more tender varieties. There is rather a large Cordyline too, that for the first couple of years I fleeced, but it is very tough, I have since found. We did cut it down when it was level with the bedroom windows and then 3 new ones came up from around the base. Two flowered last year and the birds loved the seed - so hopefully I won't have lots more sprouting up!

I still have some Tulips out and the last of the Daffodils have just gone over. The front is north facing but I have a protective box hedge to cut down on the fierce wind that blows straight through from the side of next door (which is at right angles to us), so it has helped the flowers though they still tend to be out a few weeks later than round in the back which gets more sun.

I am thinking of taking a lot out and resurrecting the pathway, but I will wait until the tip is open again and the bees love the Hebes when they are in flower, so it will wait until after they have feasted on them - you don't spot the bees at first, you just hear the bush humming, as it is covered in multiple species!”

Nicky Ryden’s patchwork quiltsNicky Ryden writes “I’ve been completing some projects and have also started to use some of my embarrassingly large stash of fabric -I have also made a couple of quilt tops but have used up all my wadding, so will complete those later. I would like to use the quilts to raise some money for the local food bank - any ideas how that might be best done?

Frank Dolan and his jigsaw Frank Dolan our esteemed Chairman passing some of his time doing a jigsaw puzzle. Anyone want to set up a jigsaw exchange?

Skelmanthorpe street map 1950-60Skelmanthorpe shops 50-60 part of map 1Skelmanthorpe shops 50-60 part plan 2 Skelmanthorpe shops 50-60 part plan no 3 Skelmanthorpe shops 50-60 part plan No 4
Local History Group "The Local History Group developed a map of Skelmanthorpe shops during the Shop Exhibition we put on n the Library during February. With email help from members of the Art Group, David and Pat Westcott have now produced a finished version which we are hoping to get scanned and printed once we are allowed out again." The full map is too large to shrink and read so have broken it up into 4 maps so you can identify the buildings.

Joan Beedle DressmakingJoan Beedles crazy GiraffesJoan Beedle writes : My time in Lockdown has been used sorting out my craft room and trying to use some of the stash. I used up loads of small balls of wool and crocheted some animals (see pics), and some of my small pieces of fabric to make children’s clothes, both of which I’ll sell, at some time in the future, at a craft fair. The rest of the time has been divided between gardening (hurray, it’s raining today) and trying to figure out U3A website (so no excuse not to). I apologise to regular viewers of the site who see different layouts every time they look but I’m still experimenting. Keep safe and healthy.

Joyce Whitehead has made a flower arrangement from flowers picked in her garden, see opposite.

Daphne Leach 3 Daphne Leach garden 4 Daphne Leach wrote Every day, I count myself so fortunate to have a garden to enjoy in these strange and surreal times.
Our normal day to day routines may be completely different now, but can you imagine being in lockdown in a home with no outdoor space?
For the past 5 weeks, my garden has been an absolute haven and I'm so pleased that I invested time in the autumn to plant up so many pots with Spring bulbs. Today, the garden is bursting with colour and it's been such a bonus to be able to sit outside in glorious sunshine and really enjoy everything the garden has to offer.

I'm missing the group and our regular meetings and hoping it won't be too long before we can all get together again.
In the meantime, back into the garden I go, to do a little deadheading, snipping and pruning. Happy gardening all!!

Jo and David Wiles picsJo and David Wiles Jo knit squares and made this amazing blanket for Barnsley Hospital. She has also knit all these hearts for the ICU staff at Barnsley Hospital The garden photo is David's handiwork in their garden. And pebbles painted for them from their granddaughters

Sue Wilson’s gardenSue Wilson I too am enjoying sowing seeds and growing on plug plants ready for our Cumberworth village planters and borders in the garden.

On our road in Lower Cumberworth a WhatsApp is keeping us all connected and everyone is pulling together to support each other for shopping and keeping each other informed.

Fortunately we had bought compost and packets of seeds before we locked down. The fantastic warm sunny weather has made gardening a real joy and weeds don't stand a chance as there have been so many days to sit out and spot them.

My garden is full of tulips that come every year.

Sue Campbell’s crafts Sue Campbell
I’m playing table tennis on my iPad. Using my Wii a lot for exercises & playing tennis plus doing Bev Callard videos so trying not to put too much weight on. I’ve even started baking again trouble is there is nobody else to eat it except me. Here are some of the crafts I’ve done.

John Ryden’s gardenJohn Ryden writes:

“During the first week we put in a new rockery bed at the front of the bungalow. Just not able to get the grit I needed to cover this properly. I managed to get some good alpine plants by mail order. I have also added lots from our old alpine garden and have to keep watering them in”.

Diane’s cuttingsDiane and Steve Nichols writes

“During lockdown we have taken the opportunity to do some gardening, as I am sure a lot of people have. I have planted some dwarf sunflower seeds in the greenhouse which will hopefully grow in time for my daughter’s first wedding anniversary in August as I grew some for her wedding last year.

I am also enjoying watching and listening to the birds in the garden -we have some blue tits in our birdbox which are very busy and a robin bathing in the bird bath about teatime each day.

We have also been doing some work in the allotment -by work I mean constant digging as it was neglected last year. Our goal is to ‘get on top of it’ this year so that it is prepared for later this year/next year’s sowing!

Barbara Clarke’s picsBarbara Clarke writes
I like many of you are enjoying my garden at these strange times. I always felt it was like my refuge from day to day life, but now it is even more important. I cannot imagine not having the space outside like so many people who live in apartments and have to contend with no outside areas. We have also had some fabulous weather, although I would like a bit of rain ☔️.
I’ve resorted to sending for plants etc to Thompson and Morgan and Parkers. I’ve not really used them before as I like to browse round the garden centres and choose what I want, but I’ve been pleased with what I’ve got up to now. I messed up the order for begonias and have had to pot on 240 plugs!!!! Still, they should be colourful. I’ve ordered compost from the garden centre at Cannon hall and had very prompt deliveries.
I too am pleased with my bulbs I planted last year. They are looking good.
The rhododendrons are now starting to flower I think May is one of my favourite times of the year. I feel I’m now starting to talk like Monty Don !!!!! Hope you continue to enjoy your gardens till we meet again..

Joyce and Derek Lowery’s garden Joyce and Derek Lowery Says here are 2 photos of Derek’s raised beds. One for herbs and one for Rhubarb and gooseberries
Fruitcake by Julie
Julie Dansey-Wright says she has been enjoying cooking and baking during lockdown and has found that therapeutic.