Firstly and foremost the committee trust that you are taking the utmost precautions as outlined by the government and chief medical officer to safeguard yourself and your family and friends during this period of untoward upheaval that we are all experiencing and having to deal with in various ways. It is hard, especially for those who are on their own or in poor health, to self-isolate and not be in contact with others around us.
Regular contact with members is paramount to show we are on top of this and not just when we have something to say. U3A head office is suggesting a “buddy” system with members contacting each other just for a chat or to see if everything is OK.

As group leaders we know you are in a better position than the committee to know the members who join you in the activities/social events that you all enjoy and which bring a lot of comfort and companionship to many. Would it be possible to form some sort of “ring round” list for your particular group in order that no one is feeling totally isolated and alone in these trying times. If anyone has any other ideas please feel free to let me know and I will bring them to the attention of the committee.

We need to keep in touch with as many members as possible and whilst a lot have e mail and can be easily contacted there are a considerable number who are not and it would be very easy to miss someone out. We are trying to keep in touch without using the mail system partly so as not to put anyone at unnecessary risk by having to go to the post office or out purchasing stationary etc but also to alleviate the burden on the postal service as much as we can as I am sure a lot of other organisations will be in the same position as ourselves.

The committee is proposing to keep all group leaders fully up to date on the decisions made concerning the way forward for our particular membership and we would like all group leaders to keep their individual members informed on what is happening. Also, it would be extremely helpful if all group leaders could keep the committee informed of anything they feel needs attention that is within our remit.

EVERYONE needs to follow the guidelines issued via the media and to this aim we have suspended all face to face committee meetings but are still holding committee meetings on a monthly basis via e mail. If anyone has anything they wish to bring to our attention please ensure they contact a committee member. All contact details are on the white membership cards which they have been given.

At the present time (and don’t forget things are changing daily) we have suspended for 3 months (the majority of our membership are over 70 so have to self-isolate for a 12 week period anyway) and will be reviewing this situation at the beginning of June in line with any government advice being issued at that time. As soon as we are in a position to do so we will be re-convening our meetings, hopefully at The Storehouse, and will be holding the AGM as soon as is practical. As the AGM is currently in suspension the committee will continue in place until this can be held. No subscriptions are payable until after an AGM has taken place as these have to be agreed and voted on at the AGM.

Either myself, David Riggs the chairman or the Group Co-ordinator designate (Wayne Lagden) will keep you up to date with everything that is happening regarding this situation we all find ourselves in particularly in respect to U3A activities. Please let us know if you decide to implement any methods of contact etc so that this can be circulated to all the membership. Check the web site frequently.

These are unprecedented times and we need to look out for all members and promote the U3A to try to ensure that U3A continues after this is over. We may make mistakes as this is unchartered territory for all of us but as a committee and, with the help of the group leaders, it is our intention to do the best we can.
Keep healthy, keep happy, keep safe, KEEP IN TOUCH.

Joy Adams
Secretary Skegness branch U3A