Irish Gardening Trip Ballad by Dot Emm

We set out on Monday the second of July
To get to the airport so that we could fly.
Over to check-in we gaily did trot
Walking quite slowly because it was hot!

In forty –five minutes we reached Dublin’s fair city
And each of us murmured “Oh isn’t it pretty?”
Then into our coach, our driver was Willie
We passed through the country and boy was it hilly!

Kilruddery was our first stop, with gardens sublime
And a knowledgeable guide who gave us a good time.
We learned about a lady there who caused a palaver
When she bought a conservatory with the sale of her tiara!

Then on to our hotel, It was called the Arklow Bay
It was beautifully positioned and staff welcomed us every day.
Food mornings and evenings was truly delicious
And the pool, the sauna and the seaside walks were really auspicious!

Powerscourt gardens was our destination next day
And “Wow, wow, wow,” was all I could say!
Italianate terraces, walled gardens, ornate gate
A pet cemetery, Dolphin pond and a tea house to rate!

Then on in our coach with our driver we went
On a beautiful drive to Glendalough we were sent
The tall tower with the bell, the monk sent to his cell
And we were surrounded by great beauty here, as well.

That Tuesday evening, we had a special date
Marylou’d arranged a gigantic screen, so we couldn’t be late
With our merry band of supporters plus the golfers from Preston
England not beating Columbia was out of the question!

Yes, during our stay, the first aid kit was needed
Four times injuries were announced and everyone heeded
Marylou’s whistle, which she’d found and disinfected
You can see folks, on a gardening trip, we’re fully protected!

On Wednesday we set out for County Kildare
To the Irish National Stud and gardens so rare
Young James was our guide full of knowledge and charm
Telling us all about Tommy Teaser in a way that was calm

The Japanese gardens here were the best in the land
We marvelled at their layout and the way they’d been planned
Back to Arklow for a walk, swim or a well-earned rest
And an Irish evening with a singer, who tried some jokes (not the best!)

To Mount Usher gardens on Thursday we proceeded
And after a few minutes there, we knew it was just what we needed
Each day’s gardens had been such a delight
But the flowers here surpassed all previous sights

So it’s thanks to our driver, to Willie the brave
To Marcia and Marylou, the leaders over whom we rave
And it’s thanks to the sunshine for making our days so bright
And to each of our party, who were and are such a delight!

July 2018