Shropshire Network

Ideas forum

This is where we need your ideas and suggestions! Would you like to start an inter-U3A group and want to know if others are interested? Or are you seeking someone with specific expertise that could be of value to your U3A? Or perhaps you just want to let us know your interest in participating in workshops, for example for chairmen or treasurers?
Whatever it is, please contact the Network Team to let others know about it via this page. We do not disclose any personal details, this is simply a portal for people to reach out to each other via our website.

List of Speakers

We now have our first list of speakers for members to use if they wish (see the Network News tab). It's important however that we try to keep it updated, so do please let us know of any new suggested speakers that you have used in the last 1-2 years.

Study Days

With another successful Study Day under our belt, we are now in the process of setting up another. Please do email the Network Team if you can help in any way, offers of help are never refused!

Membership of more than one U3A

If members wish to attend both groups and General meetings at a second U3A (or more!) then it is generally expected that they should pay the full yearly subscription to each U3A (minus the capitation fee for the second U3A, which only needs to be paid once). But what if a member only wants to join one or two groups in the second U3A (e.g. because few or no other members in their U3A are interested)? Should they pay a full or reduced fee, or even no fee at all? Currently each Network U3A has a different system and it would be a really good idea if we could have a 'Network View' agreed by everyone.

So, please email us with your views on the following options, together with any problems you may have encountered and how they could be resolved:

  • A reciprocal arrangement between neighbouring U3As, with no extra fees being paid for attending one or two groups in the other U3A
  • Associate membership, where a member pays a reduced fee to the second U3A
  • Full membership of the second U3A (without including the capitation fee)

Please email us with your Ideas - all suggestions (and help!) are more than welcome.
For follow-up on any item, simply email us via the website and we will put you in contact with the relevant person.