Shrewsbury U3A is developing its own website ( and the site you are currently visiting is no longer being actively maintained. Please visit and bookmark that site in your internet browser so that you visit our active website in future.


Beacon is an online database system for managing the running of local U3A organisations.

Shrewsbury U3A began using the Beacon system in July 2017 and is in the process of implementing features so that members can do things interactively online.

As a Shrewsbury U3A member, you can use the Login - Members link to:
- Update your membership information
- Renew your subscription (via credit/debit card)
- Join and leave groups
- Keep up-to- date with the groups, meetings and events.

And, if you are a group coordinator, you can use the Login - Co-ordinators link to:
- Manage the members in your group (print lists, send emails, check contact details)
- Keep your group information exciting and up-to- date
- Publicise meetings and events for your group.

Prospective members are now able to join Shrewsbury U3A from the comfort of their own home.

All visitors to this page can see a calendar of events listing all the meetings taking place throughout Shrewsbury U3A and can also browse through the complete Groups list to view all our activities.

We hope that you are willing to embrace the Beacon system (it is now in use by more than 100 regional U3As around the country) and you are invited to use the links at the top right of this page.

Beacon System Status

The Shrewsbury U3A Beacon system is up and running. Group coordinators have been invited to use the system. Members have recently been invited to use the system. New members can now join online.

Known issues: Please see the dedicated Known Issues page.

Hints and tips: Please see the dedicated Beacon Tips page.