Shoreham & Southwick

Jeremy Prescott

November presentation : the Miracle Flower from Flanders to the Tower

In this anniversary period of WW1 “The Miracle Flower From Flanders to the Tower” tells the story of how the poppy helps to commemorate the fallen in that war and subsequent conflicts. From the poem In Flanders Field, to Moina Michael’s and Anna Guerin’s initiatives in America to associate the poppy with Remembrance with the idea taken up by the establishment of the Poppy Factory in England.

More recently British Forces found themselves once again fighting in poppy fields in Afghanistan ; not the corn flower poppy of Flanders Fields but the opium poppy which fuelled the drug trade. The Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red project in the Tower of London once again captivated the emotions of the public in this display of remembrance as one ceramic poppy was made and planted in the moat by volunteers for every soldier who died in WW1.

The poppy remains the single most effective symbol that draws our nation together in November each year to allow us to remember the sacrifice made by millions to allow us to enjoy the freedom we now have.