Groups meet when and where they choose. For some groups this involves paying a room hire fee, others meet in a member's house and make a contribution for tea and coffee. Some groups meet weekly, others fortnightly or monthly.

Our monthly General Meeting normally takes place on the first Wednesday of every month, in Selby Town Hall, from 10 a.m. to noon. Each General Meeting features a guest speaker.

01/07/202010.00Town HallHumorous anecdotes of memorable celebrations hired at functions as a male topless waiter - Paul Sherwood
05/08/202010.00Selby Bowling ClubCochranes of Selby.Selby Globe film looking back at Shipbuilding and those that built them - Guy Badger
02/09/202010.00Town HallYork Military History, WW2 - Then and Now - Malcolm Brooke
07/10/202010.00Town HallThe History of the NHS - Anecdotes from my 28 years experience of working in various hospitals up and down the country. Humour is never far away and a variety of video clips add further interest - Jeff Jacklin
04/11/202010.00Town Hall5th Birthday Celebrations
02/12/202010.00Town HallMental Health First Aid an introduction, what is mental health and how we can all learn to support ourselves and others - John Venable
06/01/202110.00T.B.A.Birdlife of Brayton Barff, a look at the cycle of wildlife on Brayton Barff - Derek Cooper