Groups meet when and where they choose. For some groups this involves paying a room hire fee, others meet in a member's house and make a contribution for tea and coffee. Some groups meet weekly, others fortnightly or monthly.

Our monthly General Meeting normally takes place on the first Wednesday of every month, in Selby Town Hall, from 10 a.m. to noon. Each General Meeting features a guest speaker.

03/04/201910.00Town HallBees and bee friendly gardening - Ginny Crerar, Grangeside Nurseries
01/05/201910.00Town HallFlorence Nightingales connection to Lotherton Hall - Stephanie Davies
05/06/201910.00Town HallCruse Bereavement
03/07/201910.00Town HallSelby Globe Community cinema 950th film Celebration of Selby Abbey - Eva Lambert
07/08/201910.00Selby Bowling ClubT.B.A.
04/09/201910.00Town HallThe Magic Circle and the Great Magicians - Stephen Wells
02/10/201910.00Town HallT.B.A.
06/11/201910.00Town HallSelby U3A Birthday Celebrations