Welcome to Seaton U3A.

The U3A is an organisation intended to provide interest, entertainment and education to those of us of the 'third age' - i.e. retired. The emphasis is on entertainment and the stated aims of the U3A is to LEARN, LAUGH AND LIVE.

LEARN- U3A was created in order to give retired people the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience in order that members may learn and experience new things from crafts and skills through to academic subjects. There is no limit, learning for the sheer fun of it.

LAUGH- the U3A aims to give the opportunity for people to get together and enjoy one another's company as they learn and in many other social situations.

LIVE - The U3A encourages and lively and active approach to life for retired people.

Look at our Groups and Events pages to see the opportunities we provide so that you can join us to Learn, Laugh, Live.

Seaton U3A meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 2pm in the Seaton Town Hall, where we are entertained by a guest speaker (See the EVENTS page for more information), followed by tea and biscuits, and a chance to meet and greet other members and group leaders. Visitors are always welcome and we hope you like us enough to join us permanently.