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This is the first page showing a photo of Seaford Head.
The note at the bottom of the page directs you to the most recent or most important updates.

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This page !

Welcome Page
This is an account of what we are and what we do. The space at the right can be used as a notice board. When the set date is reached the announcements are automatically deleted.

After home groups, language groups,Downs groups and hall groups have been described, there is a list of all of the groups in alphabetical order, followed by a timetable summary.

Events Page
A list of regular events followed by a diary of those future group activities, which vary from week to week. They can be viewed in activity group order, OR in date order.

This begins with a list of trips planned for the future, followed by accounts of past trips.

Looking Back
Links to Seaford Scene and reports of events

Contact us
At present this is only for general enquiries; there is a link to the committee page where committee members and helpers are listed.

This page names the committee members and provides contact details, followed by the same for helpers who choose to be listed.

Provides access to various associated bodies.

Links to Sussex U3A Network organises additional activities which may be beyond the resources of individual U3As or which are best provided on a collaborative basis:

Constitution and Safeguarding document
Member's link to Beacon
Equipment register and equipment bookings

Access to the Third Age Trust and regional U3A sites with a wide range of resources which are available only to U3A members.