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English Towns & Cities

1. Where is St. Edmundsbury Cathedral?

2. In which town or city is the National Railway Museum?

3. Which town or city gave its name to a shade of green?

4. Where is the Royal Pavilion?

5. What is the county town of Lancashire?

6. The Goodwin Sands are at the entrance to which strait?

7. Where is Temple Meads railway station

8. Where was “The Full Monty” set?

9. Where was Charlie Chaplin born?

10. Where did the first Woolworths store open in the UK?


It Happened In - 2019

1. The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest was held in which city?

2. Following a long running dispute with Greece, the Republic of Macedonia renamed itself as what?

3. What was the Chinese probe Chang’e 4 the first to achieve in January 2019?

4. The plane carrying which footballer to Cardiff City crashed in the English Channel on 21 January?

5. Scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope project announced that they had captured the first ever image of what?

6. In April a major fire broke out in which iconic building in France?

7. Joaquin Guzman was sentenced to life in prison plus 30 years for drug trafficking, but what is he better known as?

8. The 2019 Cricket World Cup was won by which country?

9. The FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in which country?

10. Ursula Von Der Leyen was elected to what role in July?


Music Quiz

Pop Groups – Who are they?

I. Her Majesty
II. Law enforcers
III. Hamlet Humans
IV. Damp. soaked. saturated
V. Tumbling rocks
VI. Heavy metal airship
VII. Desert water hole
VIII. Scottish Insect?
IX. Which one can I have?
X. Warm Galaxy



1. The disease rickets is caused by a deficiency in which vitamin?

2. How is the childhood illness “pertussis” more commonly known?

3. Once called “The Royal Disease” as it was common in the European Royal families in the 19th & 20th C, which genetic disease did Queen Victoria’s son Prince Leopold suffer from?

4. Dr Edward Jenner developed the technique of vaccination to combat which disease?

5. Florence Nightingale came to fame as a result of her nursing of soldiers during which war?

6. Sir Robert Ross was the UK’s first Nobel Prize winner, when he was awarded the 1902 prize in Medicine for his work on which tropical disease?

7. Pediculus humanus capitis is the Latin name for which parasite?
8. Which part of the body would be affected, if you suffered from “Quinsy”?

9. Spread by the bite of an infected Tsetse fly, how is the disease Human African Trypanosomiasis more commonly known?

10. What does the acronym ADHD stand for?



1. In which English county did the Great Train Robbery take place?

2. The Trans-Siberian Express connects Moscow to which other Russian city 5600 miles away?

3. Name the 1951 Hitchcock thriller, in which 2 men meet on a train, and discuss killing each other's wives.

4. Which 1987 film is a comedy parody of the 1951 Hitchcock original, in which Danny Divito & Billy Crystal take the lead roles?

5. The French high speed rail system is the TGV, translated as "high speed train". What does TGV stand for?

6. What was the departure time and destination of the train, when sung by Gladys Knight and the Pips?

7. Name the 1974 crime movie starring Robert Shaw, set on a New York subway train. It was remade in 2009 with John Travolta in the role.

8. What is the name of the luxury train that connects Cape Town to Pretoria in South Africa?

9. Who had a hit in 1966 with Last Train to Clarksville?

10. Who directed the 1996 British film Trainspotting?


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