Welcome to the U3A in Scotland, the umbrella organisation for U3As in Scotland.

Within Scotland the U3As are many and varied from a large U3A with over 1000 members to small U3As on some of the islands, but however varied, we are united by our love of learning, sharing skills and talents, friendship and enjoyment in our Third Age.

The Third Age Trust Board of Directors has an elected representative (Trustee/Director) from each of 12 Government Regions in the UK: 9 Regions of England plus the three nations, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Scotland Region is the largest geographically in the UK. It now has 53 member U3As, including the new Helensburgh and District U3A; Kinross-shire U3A; and Duns and District U3A, which are working towards full membership. We work with our Board Director (Ed Link) to help encourage the creation of new ones. Due to our geography, networks have been slow to start in the region as travel and communication can be a challenge in some areas.

The U3A in Scotland is run by a committee elected at its Annual General Meeting and is governed by its own constitution, available on the Information page.The 2018 All Scotland Assembly and Annual General Meeting was held in East Kilbride on 26 June.

U3A in Scotland is a Scottish Charity (SC 030370). All U3As in Scotland can become members. We work with member U3As to organise Study Days. We ran a Summer School for the first time in August 2016. The second Summer School was held in August 2018. We aim to hold our All Scotland Events at different locations around the country to even out travel accessibility for members. These are basically training events on a number of topics of interest to U3As, but also provide a valuable opportunity for swapping experience and ideas. We liaise with the Board Director for Scotland who attends our meetings by invitation and provides an important link to the Board of Third Age Trust. The Third Age Trust also provide some funds to help our events.

If you want to get in touch with our Officers and the Board Director you can use the Contact page using this link.