Third Age Trustee for Scotland

New U3A Trustee for Scotland
The new U3A Trustee for Scotland is Ann Keating from Edinburgh U3A.
You can contact Ann at:

Autumn 2019 Trustee Newsletter

Hello and welcome to my first report as Scottish Trustee for the Third Age Trust. Ed Link, my predecessor, is a hard act to follow. He has done a lot to support and develop the U3A movement in Scotland and he deserves our praise and thanks. He will continue his work with the U3A as chair of one of the Development Plan committees.

It has been a busy two months with induction meetings and a three day Board meeting in London, two visits to the Isle of Arran to start up a new group, a lively meeting in Edinburgh with members of the Paisley group who are going to stage an event on the 25th of April about the 1820 Radical Rising, and then to Elgin to the Scottish Assembly. I will have to master how to hang from a strap in a crowed underground and learn how to put up with late trains.

The Third Age Trust Development Plan was approved at Conference. The plan came about because there is evidence that the movement is not growing as strongly as it could. Growth has tailed off and membership has slowed up. Only 3.6% of older people are members of the U3A in the UK as a whole and even fewer in Scotland. As Ed said, “it is almost a secret society.” There are three key strands: to develop the movement; support learning and raise the profile. Please try to actively promote your U3A. You could publish events on the U3A Facebook page.

The U3A logo will change; the words 'The University of the Third Age' have been removed. Members feel that the word university puts a lot of people off joining the U3A. Hopefully people will begin to refer to the U3A and not the University of the Third Age.

There will be a UK wide action day on the 3rd of June. Perhaps your group could join in. More information to come.

The Beacon management system is going to be upgraded to meet the needs of the present day.
A trading company is going to be set up. It will be a separate body and will be involved in commercial activities such as the selling of clothes with the U3A logo. It has been 10 years since the last survey so expect another soon. Only some U3A groups will be asked to take part.

My objectives for the next year are to get to know and meet volunteers and make use of their skills. I would also like to strengthen existing networks and develop new ones. I would be delighted to attend committee meetings or other events to get a feel for what is happening in the U3A across Scotland. Please get in touch.

Ann Keating
Trustee for Scotland