Third Age Trustee for Scotland

U3A Trustee for Scotland Newsletter, Spring 2019

The Newsletter can be downloaded from the link on this page.

February Update from Trustee for Scotland

To Chairs and Secretaries of U3As in Scotland


This is a very quick heads up after our week in the Scottish Parliament.

We had a three day exhibition of the U3A and its works in Scotland aimed at raising the awareness of the U3A Movement in Scotland.

We were visited by 53 MSPs, some of them several times. A big thank you to every one who wrote to their local MSPs. This proved to a big awareness raiser and incentive for them to visit. Many mentioned that they had received letters from you.

Some had heard of the movement, some had even been along and spoke at their local U3As. Many expressed a desire to contact you and discuss any issues or whatever you would like with them. This is not party political. This is about MSPs doing their job in representing their constituencies.

Some offered help in getting new U3As started in areas where there are no U3As yet. On this and other matters we will be following up in the coming weeks.

So a big thank you for your efforts and now we build on what we started in Parliament this week. Thank you for your time. I can be contacted on any of the above, or any other Trust or U3A matter on:-

Ed Link,
Phone 01577 864183 or 07504 898090
Or via the National Website or U3A in Scotland Website

PS Look out for information on the BBC sponsored Get Creative festival in May

U3A Trustee for Scotland Newsletter, Autumn 2018

The Newsletter can be downloaded from the link on this page.