Third Age Trustee for Scotland

Trustee for Scotland Newsletter, September 2020

One of the few good things that have come out of Covid is Zoom. Many of our u3a members throughout Scotland are using this platform to keep groups going and staying in touch.
The experience can never match face to face meetings, but it does fill the gap left when physical groups had to close down.

Some Edinburgh members have been using Zoom very successfully and are very willing to open their group to all Scottish U3A members. Edinburgh is lucky that it has a membership of 2500, a rich resource of people who are willing and able to lead groups on-line. So, in the true spirit of u3a they would like to reach out to u3as in Scotland who are perhaps not so lucky.

Zoom Across Scotland is the result of this thinking. We can already offer courses on Psychology, Climate change, Play reading and Philosophy. For those of you who need some practice using Zoom the Trust can offer a bespoke course. If anyone is interested in taking part in one of these courses or leading one please get in touch:

Another exciting development is the formation of a Central Belt Network. Rosalind Holmes from East Renfrewshire u3a and Viv O’Duffy from the West End of Glasgow u3a are jointly chairing this new venture. They will meet a few times a year on Zoom to share ideas and resources. If your group is in the Central Belt and was inadvertently missed out please get in touch with Rosalind Holmes.

Communication is so important especially when so many Scottish u3as are small and isolated. The next network I hope to get up and running is The Highlands and Islands.

The Withdrawing Art Competition attracted 92 entries. The winners were chosen by a panel of three practising artists and the final decision was made by Sandy Moffatt RSA OBE:
Lindsay Hewitt from Ayr u3a was first with her piece called Triptych; Jane Schonveld from Edinburgh u3a was second with a lovely drawing of Hens; and John Mole from East Lothian was third with Poppy Fields.

An Exhibition of the work will take place at the Custom House Gallery Leith on the 19th of October until the 23rd of October 2020. Please try and make time to come and see the art from all over Scotland. I think you will find it very impressive. Some of the work will be for sale at very reasonable prices. Early Christmas presents.

It is good to see that some outdoor groups are starting up again. In Edinburgh we are playing tennis, walking and cycling. Make sure that you are familiar with the Scottish Government guidelines before you and your group head out. Group leaders should always do a risk assessment; a common-sense checklist of how to keep safe, and a track and trace list. Hopefully face to face groups, the backbone of u3as, will start up again sometime in the New Year.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or ideas for improving communication and increasing membership in this difficult period.

Keep Safe,

Ann Keating
Trustee for Scotland