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Dates for your Diary
Thu Mar 15th Steve Lovell - Around the World in 80 Birds
Steve will take us right around the World and show us a huge range of birds, some unique to one country, others incredibly colourful.
Thu Apr 19th Chris Hewis - An Occasional Brush with the stars.
Chris has been associated with the entertainment profession for all of his working life.
From a touring puppet theatre in his teens, to accompanying musicals and showbiz stars.
Hear some of the tales that go on behind the curtains!
Thu May 17th Nigel Burn - History of Lincoln Castle
Nigel is from the society of Lincolnshire History and Archeology.
Concentrating on the medieval era, this talk tells of the history of Lincoln castle from its foundation in 1068 to the middle of the twelfth century, in which time two of the major battles of the era were fought about its walls.
This talk also deals with the recent £22million programme of refurbishment and restoration to the castle, and the significant archaeological discoveries made in the castle during the course of these restorations.
Thu Jun 21st Peter Slater - Don't You Know Who I Am ?" ( 35 years being ignored by sports rich and famous). Memoirs of a BBC Sports Reporter.
Peter works for BBC Five Live and has met sports people from all over the World. In this talk he'll talk about some of the challenges he's met in getting "that interview" and share some stories about our sporting greats.
Thu Jul 19th Denise Taylor - Medical Detection Dogs.
Denise will cover the crucial support role that Medical Detection Dogs give to people who are suffering from potentially life threatening illnesses, as well as the crucial role of medical detection dogs in discovering cancer and other illness.
Thu Aug 16th Robin Dennett - History of Ice Cream.
Robin will take us through the whole story of how ice cream originated and how it has developed over the years.
There will be free samples for all attending this talk!
Lets hope it’s a lovely warm morning!
Thu Sep 20th Jasmit Phull - India and arranged marriages
Jasmit will share her stories about her own arranged marriage and indian culture in general.
She will also be bringing a number of saris for audience members to try on.
Thu Oct 18th Paul Stafford - A visit to the World's most secretive country - North Korea.
Less than 300 people from the UK visit North Korea each year, Paul was one of them.
In this illustrated talk he will share what he learned about the bizarre and incredible way of life, and the truth behind the World's most secretive country.
Thu Nov 15th Fools Gold
Commemoration of World War 1 - Beat the Drum.
The Great War ended on November 11th 1918.
The show is a commemoration of WW1, and looks at events through the eyes of a young couple in 1914, caught up in a rapidly changing world.
The music and songs are a mixture of well-known and original material.
There is plenty of audience interaction, and the whole show is supported with stories and visuals to powerfully illustrate the effect of World War 1.
Thu Dec 20th Saxilby U3A Christmas