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Dates for your Diary
Thu Jan 16th 2020 Dave Bussey A day in the life of a radio presenter.
Dave will talk about how he got onto the airwaves and how a radio station interacts with its audience.
Thu Feb 20th 2020 Gill Stonham The History of London Underground.
Gill will explain how the origins of the World's first underground railway, largely funded by Americans but with much artistic heritage sourced in Lincolnshire. She will expain how London Underground has been a technological achievement, a place a safety and a factory. Today over 1.35 billion passengers use the Underground annually sharing the tunnels with over 500,000 rodents!
Thu Mar 19th 2020 Peter Robinson Industrial Trail through Early Lincoln.
Peter will take us on a tour of Lincoln's industrial pastcovering Lincoln's former great engineering factories
Thu Apr 16th 2020 Keith Hanson Tales of the Tower.
Following a 30 year career in the Army and a couple of years with Citroen, Keith went to the Tower, though not as a prisoner as many had done before him, but as a Yeoman Warder ( Beefeater ). For the next 20 years Keith lived and worked at the Tower, amassing a vast knowledge of its history and what makes the place tick. "
Thu May 21st 2020 Clive and Kath Richardson I don't believe a word of it!
Is a humourous look at the English Language. Everyone will learn something new and be entertained at the same time. The presentation is interspersed with "I don't believe it" facts which truly highlight the many quirks of the written word.
Thu Jun 18th 2020 Elaine Atkin A Day in the life of a Parish Clerk.
Elaine will explain all about her very varied role as Saxilby's Parish Clerk and some of the challenges.
Thu Jul 16th 2020 Bill Rayner "How to Spot a Serial Killer.
Bill is a retired detective superintendant and his talk on “How to spot a serial killer"" will give you a light hearted look at the history of offender profiling, look at a few serial killers and make you wonder about the person sitting next to you!
Thu Aug 20th 2020 Paul Stafford A journey to the crossroads of Europe and Asia.
Paul will take you on a fascinating tour of the Caucasus, to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. You'll see ancient cultural heritage, scenic beauty and very modernistic buildings.
Thu Sep 17th 2020 Brian Schofield Autumn Flowers.
Brian will delight us all with his presentation showing a huge variety of flowers for the Autumn season.
Thu Oct 15th 2020 Neil Curtis The Art of Pork Pie Making.
Neil will be giving a participative demonstration.
Thu Nov 19th 2020 Simeon Wood The Flute Emporium.
Exceptionial multi-instrumentalist Simeon's 45 minute show will involve instrumewnts from the flute and whistle, didgeridoo, a walking stick, bottles and even a bicycle pump.