Our Monthly Meetings at which we have professional speakers are held on the third Wednesday of each month at St. Francis Church, Beatrice Road, Salisbury SP1 3PN.

Coffee is served from 10 a.m. and the meeting begins at 10.30 a.m., continuing until about 11.45 a.m.
We look forward to meeting you each month.

Our programme of speakers this year has been:

January: Julie Summers - "Jambusters".

February: Christopher Legrand - "The Legacy of Antoni Gaudi".

March: AGM. Followed by Ed Garman - " A Pot of Good Ale".

April: Colin van Geffen - "Lawrence: Before and After Arabia".

May: Groups Exhibition.

June: Mark Wilson - "Faberge."

July: Dianne Mannering - "Send us Some Women".

August: Fran Sandham - "A Solo Walk Across Africa".

September: Christopher Massey-Beresford - "From Caravels to Carnations: The Rise and Fall of the Portuguese Empire".

October: Jane Glennie - "Suffering Suffragettes".


21st November. Roger Moses - "The New Solar System"

Dr Roger Moses BSc PhD MinstP FBISI studied physics and mathematics at Bristol University, then stayed on to do research on the cosmic radiation for a PhD. This continued afterwards for 15 years, developing larger and larger electronic cosmic ray detectors to fly on high altitude balloons and satellites.I then moved sideways to lecture in engineering, teaching undergraduates space technology and running continuing professional education programmes for engineers in industry – anything from Earthquake Engineering to Heat Pumps in Farming. I have always been interested and active in encouraging the Public Understanding of Science, giving public classes and lectures around the West of England. The most challenging activity was probably a one week of Astronomy and Space for the Blind. This worked surprisingly well for all concerned, except perhaps the guide dogs, so we did it again!I retired from full time work 13 years ago, but still lecture on Aircraft and Space Engineering in both Bristol University and UWE. I am a Member of the Institute of Physics, Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, and locally, a member of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, the Bristol Astronomical Society and many wildlife conservation groups and an active volunteer on the Somerset Levels Nature Reserve.

Our view of the Earth’s place in the Universe has changed radically in the past 60 years, in large part due to space exploration. We have gone from fuzzy lights in the sky to a multiplicity of worlds, all surprisingly different.All the Solar System’s major bodies: planets and major moons, and many of the minor bodies, moons, comets and asteroids have now been explored.This lecture will attempt to sketch out that process.

19th December. Shelley Lozano - "An Entertainers Life."

16th January. Brian Freeland - "George Bernard Shaw" + New Year Party.

20th February. Alan Jones, hypnotherapist - "Look into My Eyes".

20th March. AGM followed by Roger Hirons, plant doctor - "Unusual, Chalk-Loving Plants for all Seasons".

17th April. Richard Vobes, entertainer - "From Extra to Fire Eater".

15th May. Groups Exhibition.

19th June. Liz Prest, image consultant - "Just a Pop of Colour".

17th July. Jenny Mallin - "My British Raj Family".

21st August. Tom Way, wildlife photographer - "Exciting Wildlife from Around the World".

18th September. Heather Wylde - "The Sewing Room - A Ghost Story".

16th October. Ashley Jones - "Dracula: The Man - The Myth".

20th November. Patrick Kempe - "Working Backstage with Lorenzo and his Amazing Lusitano Horses".

18th December. Paul Attenbury, Antiques Roadshow - title tbc.

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