On 11th May 2013, 43 of our members started out on a journey to Cromer for a five day holiday at the Hotel de Paris. This was our second holiday as a group and the first one to Sandown last year must have been very successful because we took 18 more members with us this time.

Our journey was very good and we arrived in high spirits, eager to check out our rooms and take a little walk before dinner. A period of very heavy rain did not dampen our spirits though, and after a very nice meal most of us ventured into the lounge [or bar] for a drink and a chat with each other.

Sunday morning and after breakfast we set off for Great Yarmouth. The weather was sunny but very breezy but it didn't stop us venturing onto the pier, taking photographs and some people even took a train ride along the promenade to see the sights. The donkeys on the beach looked a little forlorn but hopefully they got lots of attention. It seems that the lovely cafe on the sea front opposite the pier is a very good meeting point as quite a few of our group were in there having tea or coffee, no names mentioned, but a couple of our ladies could not resist the temptation of a cream tea at midday!!!

Before we could set off on our journey to Wroxham and a boat ride on the Norfolk Broads, we had to issue some yellow cards for latecomers on the bus. Nevertheless, after a little bit of leg pulling, we set off and joined the boat for a leisurely trip on the Broads. It did not rain fortunately, and our guide gave us lots of useful information and even pointed out the pirate ship manned by 'real' pirates.

The only downside to Sunday [well for some of our group] was that the Albion lost 4-0 to Norwich City. A few very long faces that afternoon but at least they weren't relegated like the other local team we won't mentioned for fear of upsetting their supporters.

Home again, another lovely dinner, then entertainment in the lounge. Brian was a very popular gentleman that night, even did an Elvis impersonation. The lady singer got everyone is a happy mood, people dancing and singing along with her. We even did a bit of line dancing.

On Monday our very good driver Ian offered us the opportunity to go to Holt and also take a trip of the steam railway to Sheringham and back. Quite a few of us did this, and whilst some people stayed in Holt, nine of us went on the train ride which was really enjoyable. We had a little walk around Sheringham and then back again for tea and cakes before starting the journey back home. Now I do have to mention these words 'kite', 'bird of prey' and 'tethered'. The lady who used these words will know who she is and I am afraid it will be a long time before she is allowed to forget.

Today was also a special birthday for Lynne and the hotel provided a lovely chocolate cake with candles for her to share with her friends. Happy Birthday Lynne, hope you weren't too embarrassed when we all sang to you.

Another enjoyable dinner, good entertainment as well tonight and a chance to chat to each other and find out a little more about people we don't know too well. A few members had a go at the Chocolate Quiz but not sure who actually got the best score.

Tuesday and off to Sheringham for another wander round. I think one of our ladies got stuck on the rocks whilst having her picture taken, and some even made it to a little cafe for tea and coffee. We seem to do that a lot but it is great fun. We travelled onto Norwich in the afternoon which gave everyone a chance to visit some of the lovely churches and the cathedral. However, our driver arranged for a guide to join us on the coach and we spent a very informative hour driving around Norwich whilst he told us about the history of the city and pointed out numerous landmarks and places of interest. Do you know how many churches there are in Norwich? Answer at the end of the page.

There was a competition on the coach to spot the first windmill - won by Ann W, and the prize was a toy windmill on a stick which is now standing in a flower pot outside her kitchen window. Thanks to Ann L, Eve and Marie for doing that, a lovely holiday momento.

Lucky for some, one or two of our members won money playing Bingo. Where are the drinks then? An evening being entertained by a keyboard player / comedian who was very enjoyable, and he even sang a song to one of our members 'Lady In Red'. You did look very nice Christine.

During our visit the staff at the hotel looked after us very well, although one or two of the waiters were subject to twenty questions every night by some of our group - you know who you are - and it is amazing what you find out about people. Did you know that the lady receptionist came from Zimbabwe [not South Africa as some thought]; one of the waitresses has two jobs and one of the waiters likes to go up to the London clubs? Well you do now.

We did hear that a couple of our group could never find their way back to their rooms and always went the wrong way when leaving the lift. Wonder who they were?

And now it's home time and we all set off on the journey back to West Bromwich. Everyone in the group said how much they enjoyed the holiday and even asked if next year we could go for seven days. Let's see what we can do shall we?

If anyone reading this would like to know more about our holiday then please email us via the Contact page.

Answer to question about Churches in Norwich: Medieval Norwich had an incredible 57 churches within the city walls, but today only 31 of these still exist.

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