Saltburn District


We are producing Lock down Newsletters

These will be sent out by Beacon and also put on the Website

To keep us going during these difficult times please send me anything you would like printing

it can be something funny to cheer us all up if you like

Welcome from your Newsletter team

Hugh, Howard, Anne, Val,Tricia

Do you like taking photos? If you do please send them to us and we will possibly use them for the website site/newsletter front page

If you are taking photos of PEOPLE please tell them they could be published so they can say NO

If you have any comments or if you have ideas on what you would like to see in the next Lock down newsletter
Please contact any of the team

Group leaders would you like to promote your group
May be you want more members.
Try an article in the newsletter.

Please send any articles and or photos to Howard Leake
or contact me using the message box on the top right of this page.