Computer Guides

This page contains links to various computing guides kindly supplied by Alan Paul from Ravenshead U3A.

These guides describe a range of basic computing techniques.
Click on any bold type to open a guide.

Apple IMac
Apple IMac Filing system

Cloud Storage

Gmail How to log on and send email
Email using Windows Live Mail
attaching Photos How to attach a photograph to an email
Group email How to set up group email
Outlook email
Virgin email

Excel 1 Addition of a simple column of numbers.
Excel 2 Multiple columns and use of simple formulae.
Excel 3 Continuous additions to columns and running totals
Excel 4 Investments and savings calculations
Excel 5 Passwords; how to protect your Word and Excel documents using passwords.
Investment Spreadsheet How to total your investment savings

Google Searches How to search for information on the internet.
Google maps How to find places, world-wide, pictorial street views, planning routes from place to place.

Original Version How to create a video connection with friends and family
Newskype2 A new version of Skype.

Windows 10 An introduction to the front pages and Filing System
Transfer photos to a Memory stick
Graphics Collage create you own photo collage page.

Windows 7
Filing systems Saving and Filing documents
Unwanted files. How to remove unwanted files such as 'cookies' from your computer storage
Uninstall a program how to remove a Program from your computer.
Copying CDs How to copy ("rip") a CD and "burn" a new CD.
Short Cut Keyboard Commands Quick editing techniques using the keyboard.
Photo Storage and transfer from camera
Photos how to transfer to a computer and file them orderly.

Word 2010
Part 1 How to use Home Menu, Clipboard, Font, styles and editing.
Part 2 How to Insert, pages, tables, pictures, clip art, shapes and drawings.
Address Labels in Word 2010 (and W 2016) How to use mail merge to create address labels
Creating tables in Word 2010 extended description on how create a table
Creating a Book Guide on how create a book.
Finished Book Example of finished Book

If you did not find what you want, send an email (secretary@ryedaleu3a.org.uk) and I will try to help.