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June 2013 - The Graphene Revolution, Back to the slide rule, An acre is 10 square chains, An argument on climate change, Circadian rythyms, Theories on consciousness.
July 2013 - Food fads
August 2013 - The Moebius strip, Drakes equation, TED website, The perception of danger, Bubbles treating cancer.
September 2013 - Food scares;the aftermath. Sequencing and patenting the human genome.
October 2013 - The antikythera mechanism, Rox coupler and BP control, Genetics of memory extinction, Moores law and the power of computers, Henry V111 was a psychopath.
November 2013 - Cuisinaire rods and learning mathematics.
December 2013 - no meeting


January - TED talks we like: Why is X the unknown? Does money make you mean? Could tissue engineering mean personalised medicine? How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries. My radical plan for small nuclear reactors.
February - The impact of technology on evolution
March - Tomorrows world and predicting technology change. Properties of black holes. The role of wind turbines. Why research into obscure topics should be funded. The London sewers. Fighting cybercrime.
April - Paradoxes
May - Gene therapy and a cure for blindness. Weighing ball bearings problem. How caffeine intake affects Alzheimers disease. The numerical distribution and definition of species. The growth of computing power - are there any limits. Aeroplane winglets and their impact on fuel use.
June - Patents and inventions
July - Navigating without satellites;4-D printing; Developing new antibacterial treatments; Oxadiazoles and MRSA; Chemical bonds and explosives; Current proposals on statin use; The genetic origin of apples; TED talk on What humans can learn from semi-intelligent slime.
August - no meeting
September -The science of camouflage; Dendrogramma a living fossil; Carbon capture and storage; The origins of measurement
October - The Art of giving the same name to Different things
November - Cardiac stents;the SS Enterprise disaster;the development of the machine gun;flight QF32
December - Drug research


January - Longitude;Darwins potatoes;Did Beethoven have arrythymia;print your kidney stones;science in pictures;Colour blindness
February - The Dark Ages
March - Denture making;Crossrail project;where do drugs come from?;;focusing on each other;gadgets that don't work.
April - How long is a piece of string and how much does it weigh?
May - Swiss cheese plant;Superantibiotic isolation;Early DNA comparison;Electric cars - how green?;Who makes subtitles?;The future of antibiotic research.
June - Epigenetics
July - Developing a malaria cure;Finding the age of the earth;audio description;whole body transplant;ancient human genomes;robotic operating arm;graphene lightbulbs now on sale;microbeads in toiletries
August - Chemotherapy drug development
September - Papillon nebula; John Bonica and pain management;Sounds in space;Medical detection dogs; Measurement of temperature; the formula for perfect Pooh sticks
October - The Ebola virus
November - Phases- travels in metallurgy
December - Assistive technology;why the nordmann fir keeps its needles;20 interesting facts about brussel sprouts; building a wall of the periodic table of elements;the rules of magic squares


Jan - Heuristics, biases and related matters
Feb - Dinosaurs and dark matter;Keeping track of dates;Chemistry of the VW emissions scandal;Charles Boys and quartz fibres;the Moon system, an alternative to Braille;Planes that never land;Benfords law.
Mar - Mind Change and why do we have chins?
Apr - Thorium nuclear power; calculating prodigies;dyson motor;fat bears;spider silk;smart glazing.
May - Quantum Biology
Jun - Meta lenses;Trip to JCB factory;Chill your coffee;Ziko virus and GM mosquitoes
Jul - Moonwalking with Einstein
Aug - no meeting
Sep - Toxins
Oct - Why are people frightened of science?;spurious correlations;anthrax in Siberia;how many friends do you have?;petunias powers.
Nov - cancelled
Dec - It's cold out there
Boomerang Nebula,coldest in the galaxy;why Penguins don't freeze;Superconductors;Select your laundry temperature; How humans maintain body temperature; how fast does Santa travel?


Jan - Chaos
Feb - Death by lychee;glasses for life;femtochemistry;queuing and six;black holes;John Mitchell;the falling cost of light;why people believe weird things.
Mar - Past Present and Future AI
Apr - Dragonfly drone;water from thin air;Stirling engine;camphylobacter in chickens;andiamo;new breast cancer drug;where not to put your nuclear power station;scanning for autism;graphite oxide;VR in teaching surgery.
May - Codes and Ciphers
Jun - Generating random numbers using brainwaves;elements we may run out of;the game of go;why the boomerang nebula is so cold;sudor anglicus;are exams getting easier?
Jul - Deep Mind and AI
Aug - no meeting
Sep - Wheatflour and breadmaking processes;Cassinis last pictures;Mpemba effect;lithum found in Cornish tin mines;GSA satellite atomic clock failures
Oct - The Immune System
Nov - Ambulance drones;micro eletro-mechanical systems;albedo effect of greenland ice sheet decreases;review of serious errors in drug testing regime;the arguments on vehicle emissions
Dec - The earths poles
Magnetic pole switches;how the poles came into existance;penguins;the explorers and the bears;the northern lights


Jan - will the antartic go green again?; timekeepers and the railways;calculating aquaria
Feb - success in aquaria;developements in fuel cells;a brief history of platinum;oscillations and sound;musk ox in Greenland;fatter Mr Fox;macular degeneration
Apr - Software defined radio
May - CRISPR update;spontaneous combustion;radium cures;helical stents;ecological succession;bottle opening gadgets;using buttercups to age meadows.
Jun - Is your gizmo really necessary?
Jul - Fracking
Aug - no meeting
Sep - Ignobel awards;kidney stones and roller coasters;plastic eating fungus;cane toads;oyxycodone in the USA;semi-artificial photosynthesis;magnifying text;why tropical plants have big leaves;smart trousers
Oct - The microbiome
Nov - Out of Africa - the genetic origin of Britain.
Dec - A christmas dinner
Genetic aversion to sprouts;chemistry of spices;namimg your pudding;cooking your turkey in parts;what caused Rudolph's red nose? Formation of snowflakes;oranges not just fruits;Santas sleigh and sonic mufflers;Christmas crackers;preserving your pudding; cooking your cookies.


Jan Replacement of the airwaves system;parrots use Alexa;Plants hear bees;New human organ discovered;UK per capita electricity use goes down;climbing a pole from the moon to the earth;trees solving air pollution;worlds oldest cheese.
Feb Advancements in Science
Mar Bags made of potato starch;Tin plague;Springiness;Drug abuse;Population of England since Domesday;Chocolate chemicals;Sesquizygotic twins;Microscopic robots;The oldest living thing; validating social science claims.
Apr Weather and the importance of being Gustav.
May Wasps have deductive reasoning;UK biobank research;Centre for climate repair;Research in chemotherapy;Panama virus and bananas;Optical migraine;Vilanterol;SF shapes vision of future;Starlink;Reversed anatomy;Rise of the fabella;PIN nos for the blind.
Jun Flow cytometry
Jul 50th anniversary of the moon landing;Computing power of Apollo 11;Why calculator and phone keypads are different;Ethanol in petrol;Planetary collision provides elements for life;Graphene for potholes;Cruachan power station; Gravitational wave hunt.
Aug No meeting
Sep The periodic table
Oct Spider silks resist cold; Speedy ants; Sunfall book review; What are we worth-the 59 elements. Spectroscopic testing for Alzheimers; Walking speed predicts health; macular degeneration; rats detect landmines.
Nov Suspenders, stays and braces.
Dec Round robin