Programme 2020

Jan Why American coot chicks are ornamented; Statistics in sport; Easter is a moveable feast; recycling rates of smartphone metals;formation of the solar system; opioid addition

Feb Statistics - a story

Mar Cancelled

April cancelled

May Our first Zoom meeting! How long to read the Encyclopaedia Brittanica; the Templeton Award; Science and Islam; use of CRISPR in testing for Covid-19; the big bang first moments; particles and forces in the standard model for Physics; thermo-chronology finds the missing geological record in super-continent formation; increasing wind energy; reducing your carbon footprint; reseeding corals.

Jun Graphene in cars; Mechanism of DNA copying; Geoffrey Burnstock - ATP and neurotransmission; High entropy alloys; Vetruvian man; Marbled crayfish parthenogenisis; Potential computer crash due to time tracking limits.

Jul Overflow in computer systems; the food supply chain; UK Biobank update; Mimivirus and large viruses; determining the age of the universe

Aug Bacteria and viruses generating electricity; potential numbers of complex concentrated alloys; Queensferry bridge closed by icicles; progress on Covid19 vaccine; killing viruses with UV light; 23 million year old leaves.

Sept Ignoble awards; lockdown reduces earths vibrations; defining the distance from the earth to the sun; how to steer a hot air balloon; Duolingo app; side effects of the coronavirus; bio-degradable wrapping materials from organic sources.

Oct Venus flytrap short term memory; bat-tailed godwit travels Alaska to New Zealand non-stop in 11 days; food that can kill; piezo-electricity and nano-generators; Blooms taxonomy; Nobel prize for work on CRISPR.

Nov Room temperature superconductors; role of platelets in evolution; development of QR codes; using seaweed for fuel; 2030, the end of diesel and petrol cars; long-term changes in standard body temperature; Henrietta Lox and her cells; Supernovae development.