Ruddington & District


Membership is open to older people who are no longer in full-time employment.


Joining is simple. At each Monthly Meeting there is a special table set aside for potential new members to discuss membership. Application forms are available at that table and anyone joining receives a new member’s pack containing information leaflets and a copy of our latest Newsletter.

The membership application form has been revised to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which applies from 25th May 2018 in the United Kingdom and is an update to the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

Membership costs £20.00 for the year. New members joining halfway through the year pay a reduced fee of £10.00, with the exception of lapsed members (people who did not renew at the end of the previous membership year) who pay the full membership fee if they rejoin. If you are already an existing member of another U3A please let us know and deduct the £3.50 Third Age Trust Membership Fee from your payment.

(Existing members of other U3As pay a reduced sum to reflect the £3.50 Third Age Trust Membership Fee paid by each U3A to the Third Age Trust - the umbrella organisation for UK U3As - since only one Third Age Trust Membership Fee per member is payable regardless of the number of U3As of which a person is a member. Proof of membership of another U3A is required, a current membership card being adequate.)


Non-Members are invited to attend one Monthly Meeting as a guest but must thereafter join to be entitled to attend further meetings.


Membership of a Group is conditional upon being a full member of Ruddington & District U3A. Potential members of a group should contact the Group Leader whose details are given in the Interest Groups section of the website to ascertain whether places are available in the group and to obtain other details.

Members' personal details and how we store them are important to us. Our Data Protection Policy and Policy Document is now available via a link from this page.