Ross on Wye & District

Chair’s Report

From Ross U3A Chair

Hello Members
As we battle with Storms Ciara􏰁 Dennis and Jorge􏰁 it is hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner 􏰂- 􏰂 let’s hope so anyway! The bulbs and the blossom are pushing through despite the strong winds and unending rain.􏰂 Such are the forces of nature􏰂
The benefits of the U􏰃A movement are also showing their strengths􏰁 as our membership continues to rise􏰂.
We have such a variety of interest groups that any new member should find something to ‘have a go at’. Remember􏰁 if the subject you’d like is not listed please contact us - we will endeavour to set up a new group􏰂
Our speakers over the past couple of months have entertained and intrigued us􏰂 Singer and guitarist Sean􏰁 sang a good variety of songs for our Christmas meeting􏰁 despite having a heavy cold􏰂 Paul Barnett enlightened us on the story of the Severn Bridge Disaster􏰂 And Bob Skelt gave a very professional and polished account of the People of Bletchley Park􏰂 Attendance at our monthly meetings is rising as members enjoy the Learning side of the U􏰃A􏰁 and then Laugh and Live over a cup of tea􏰁 whilst getting to know some new faces􏰂 Speaker lists are on the website and in the newsletter􏰁 so that you can pop the appropriate dates in your diary􏰂
Membership renewal forms will be included with this newsletter􏰂 The annual subscription will remain the same and payment is due in April􏰂 Please fill in the forms in full 􏰄even if we already have your details􏰅 so that we can update our database accordingly􏰂 Communication is key to an organization of this size􏰁 and it’s your responsibility to ensure we hold your correct details􏰂
Finally􏰁 I must remind you that my three years as Chair ends in May􏰂 Our U􏰃A ethos dictates that the movement is run BY THE MEMBERS FOR THE MEMBERS􏰂 Please consider getting involved in this wonderful organisation􏰂 You will be heavily rewarded by the fun of working in a team􏰁 for a cause that benefits us all􏰂 As a volunteer􏰁 no matter how much you give􏰁 you get much more back􏰂 I urge you to contact me􏰁 without obligation􏰁 to find out more􏰂.􏰀

Thank you for your support􏰆