Romsey & District


Updated 30/6/2020
Due to Coronavirus, general meetings will NOT be in the Crosfield Hall but will be held ONLINE until further notice.
For details of the online meetings and help with access please see the bulletins.
Planned talks may be rescheduled next year.

June 24th 2020 10:30am ONLINE Meeting.
Talk by Gordon Massie "Sailing Down the Amazon" of about 20-25 minutes duration.

July 15th 2020 10:30am ONLINE Meeting.
"Army in the Air over the last 100 years", presented by Dan Ball of the Army Flying Museum. Once again, you'll need a computer, tablet or smartphone to join us -- details are in the Bulletin.

August 19th 2020 Annual General Meeting ONLINE
Talk by Sylvia Croxall "Keeping Your Data Safe". Sylvia will help us to keep the fraudsters out of our devices and away from our money. She will look at website fraud, email fraud, telephone fraud and social networking fraud.

September 16th 2020 General Meeting.
Talk by Andy Lester "From Global threat to local action-responding to the Climate Crisis"
How residents of Hampshire can bring about hope for the climate through local action. A summary of the current crisis and what we can do to prevent the worst impacts of change here in Hampshire

October 21st 2020 General Meeting
Talk by Jane Glennie "Suffering Suffragettes". A theatrical presentation which will take the audience back in time to imagine what actions they might take in order to win the vote.

November 18th 2020 General Meeting
Talk by Dave Allport “The spirit of the 60’s”. A nostalgic and light hearted look back at this iconic era, from Mods to Miniskirts and Films to Fashion.

December 16th 2020 General Meeting
Talk by Michael Brown “A Medieval Christmas”. The celebrations and music of Christmas during the medieval period played on replica instruments.

January 20th 2021 General Meeting
Talk by Steve Herra "A body through the porthole". A true story from 1947 when a young actress, sailing from South Africa to Southampton, had a liaison with a Deck Steward, died and her body was pushed through the porthole. The audience act as the jury and will decide if the accused is guilty or not guilty of her murder.

February 17th 2021 General Meeting. Talk by David Boag "Safari in Africa". David’s photographs capture the very essence of a safari trip and to enjoy this lecture is like enjoying a safari holiday for yourself.

March 17th 2021. General Meeting
Talk by Roy Norton "50 years in Television Production- take 2"
Stand by for more “off camera” anecdotes, scandals, show business items, new technology and the inevitable “ cock ups”.

April 21st 2021 General Meeting#
Talk by Tim Craven, "Thelwell Country: the life and career of artist and cartoonist."
Tim’s talk traces the life, passions and artistic development of Norman Thelwell from his early years and formative wartime experiences to his subsequent rise to become one of the nation’s best known and loved cartoonists of the era.