Romsey Archway


Members and Group Leaders Information

Whilst we may have initially felt that the limitation imposed as a result Coronavirus would only last for a short time, it is clear its impact is going to be much longer term and that we will need to find new ways to support and engage with our membership during the period of the pandemic.

Group Leaders who are considering restarting their groups should check the National u3a Guidance which can be found by following this link Covid 19 advice on U3A activities. The link to the Risk Assessment form to be completed by Romsey Archway groups and examples of completed risk assessments can be found on the right of this page.

We have been able to keep our Monthly Speaker meetings going by using the Zoom conferencing facility, we have learned the importance of picking speakers familiar and comfortable with this medium and as a result have had some very successful and well attended talks. Several of the groups have also decided that Zoom is a suitable alternative to meeting in person for their activity, but of course it isn’t suitable for every activity.

There are of course other ways to keep in touch with your groups, the Chess group e.g. play via email, and Whatsapp groups can be created to keep group members in touch with each other, different methods will work for different groups.

If you have any ideas of what we might be able to do differently to support and engage with our membership or would like more information on our current lockdown activites then please contact the committee using the Contact menu item at the top of this page.