Roding Valley

New members

A New Members meeting was held in the Beech and Poplar Rooms at the Theydon Bois Village Hall on 22nd November 2019 from 10.00am

16 members attended including 3 who joined at the meeting. Judy Adams, Vida Timms, Janet Whitehouse, Doug Harryman and Ruth Newman were present from the committee.
We hold these meetings to introduce new members to what RVU3A offers such as the wide variety of interest groups, the Theatre visits, Outings etc. Some of the Convenors were at tables during the refreshment break showing what their groups did (a full list of the RV groups can be seen on the GROUPS and PROSPECTUS pages).
Judy Adams, the Chairman, asked the Committee members to introduce themselves, and then asked the new members to do the same. Janet Whitehouse, the Groups' Coordinator, spoke about the various groups. Doug Harryman described the work of the Essex Association of U3As and its purpose and activities.

A further new members meeting is being planned in the Spring of 2020.