Roding Valley

Shared Learning Projects

Shared Learning Project - November 2021

Subject: The Davy Notebooks Project.

You may have read the article in the November Newsletter about this project.
The Davy Notebooks project is doing some exciting research that may be of interest to nu3a members.

we and an international community of over 1400 volunteers transcribers are currently transcribing, using the powerful people powere4d platform Zooniverse. Sir Humphrey Davy's (1778-1829) handwritten notebooks (70 in all), many of which have never been transcribed before.

If you are interested in taking part in this Shared Learning Project, and If you are able to help contact Janet Whitehouse through the contact page on this website.

Shared Learning Project - HIGH STREETS

You will see from the May Newsletter, that in 2020, a National Project was launched to record High Streets.
Many U3as took part and a large database was created. In this respect I photographed Epping High Street.
This has changed over the years.
Many years ago, and Roy remembers this, Epping High Street had a cattle market.
At the Southern end of the present market was where the Cattle pens were situated and the Animals were weighed, He cannot recall if there were clothes stalls like there is today.

Some u3as have added to their original work, by adding Town trails and writing a potted history of their towns.

You will find more information in the May Newsletter.