Roding Valley

From the Chairman

My name is Judy Adams and I am the Current Chairman of the Roding Valley U3A.

As you know by now, Changes have again taken place as regards meetings. and once again we are able to have our monthly meetings in the Village Hall, Most of our Groups are meeting and news of this can be found on the Group pages on this website and in the latest Newsletter.

For those of you who have read THE WELCOME PAGE, you will see that once again we have commenced all the Monthly ones in the Village Hall, and most of our Group Meetings. This present virus is still spreading quickly as the we know from News reports. This is the latest information that we have as at the 18th July 2022.

At the moment we are all be able to take Holidays in the UK, including Jersey and other countries where you have to obey by the Covid laws that exist there. it seems but holidays abroad are still subject to various conditions, and that depends on where you are planning to go. This too may change and we are not certain when the next lockdown will be. We don't know how long this situation will last.

You will see that in the July Newsletter, on my page, that most of our outdoor groups are now meeting. you will also note that the Book swap has had to close as we are unable to store the books in the Hall.
You will also have seen on my page that we had a BBQ on Friday 15th July organised by Dennis Stoner. It was enjoyed by all those who attended. There was music and dancing and good food. Sadly there was no enough support and the event incurred a loss. We have relunctantly decided to cancel our Christmas Tea. We will however, ensure that we have enough mince pies at our December meeting.

I hope that you have seen our July Newsletter, we are looking for 3 Committee Members, we have 7 at the present time, according to the Constitution we need 10. It is difficult to see how we can continue without a full committee of 10. If members feel that you could lend some assistance with our activities, then do contact us through the Contact page on this website.
So do give it some thought. Other groups too are struggling. Those of you who have a specific interest, why not see if there is a group in which you can share your knowledge, or perhaps learn more about that subject that you may be interested in.

I am leaving the information below as this will apply once we return to normality and we can meet once more.

Don't forget that if you want to start your outdoor group, make sure that you made contact with Mike Lewis, to ensure you undertake the risk assessment with safety procedures, so that you are set to start safely. You will find Mike's details in the current RV Newsletter.

I want to take this opportunity to remind all members and prospective new members, that whilst all meetings both in Members Homes, and those outdoors, e.g. Outings and Walking Groups are subject to the completion of a risk assessment form by the Group Convenor. This of course of course depends on the Covid 19 Virus situation, which is constantly changing. Remember all group meetings are covered by our U3A insurance providing they are sanctioned by the committee.
This information is correct as from the 20th June 2022.

This website will be updated should the position change at any time.

As most of you know we are now publishing our Monthly Newsletter. I hope that you all have taken the opportunity to download and read the Newsletter. This gives up to date information on Group activities.

we are now publishing our Monthly Newsletter. Our website will be updated by Roy as usual, and any newsworthy items will be posted here.

The New Members meeting, which we have not held since before the Covid 19 outbreak#. This went quite well but we only had 6 new members present. They were all keen to learn about our group and showed enthusiasm.

You can read a longer version of my Chairman's article in the Monthly Newsletter.

I do hope that you are keeping well.

The u3a has just circulated a u3a Members Link Leaflet. As a member you should have received this by e-mail. For those of you that receive your Monthly Newsletter by post, there is a copy attached. There is a lot of advice, links and tips and resources to help keep us active and learning together. So, why not give some of the ideas ago.