Roding Valley

Coal Tax Post at City of London Boundary

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So what is a Coal Tax Post?

Originally it was called a Coal Duties Boundary Post.

After the Great Fire of London a levy was placed on all coal coming into the City of London to help pay for its reconstruction.

Over the years the boundary was pushed out and in 1861 it was set at the outer limit of the Metropolitan Police District. At one stage there were as many as 250 of them.

Those making their way to Theydon Bois Village Hall for the monthly meeting of the Roding Valley U3A, via the Wake Arms roundabout, will be able to see one on the right hand side of the road about five hundred yards after leaving the roundabout.

There is another Coal Tax Post on the old A11 near Ambresbury Banks on the right hand side of the road going towards Epping, both well within our U3A’s catchment area.

Relax - there is no duty to pay as the whole thing was cancelled years ago.

See the / picture on this page