Internet Security

On 1 March 2018 the computer group held an event on internet security presented by a Police Cyber Security Adviser. In support of this event Ringmer u3a in consultation with the adviser, has produced a very informative leaflet with advice on cyber security. This leaflet called Staying Safe On-line is now available to download.

Ringmer u3a Documents: Governance, Procedures and Policies

We are currently in the process of publishing important documents that we utilise for governing and managing Ringmer u3a.
To view or download the documents available at present click on the Ringmer u3a Documents link.

Ringmer u3a Annual General Meetings

The Ringmer u3a AGM page provides access to publications of minutes of Ringmer u3a Annual General Meetings (AGM).
To view or download minutes of meetings currently available click on the Ringmer u3a AGM link.